Who are your true friends?

They were afraid of the unknown more than I was, they fought me on my decision, they gave me scared tactics, they didn’t want to know the truth, that I was unhappy. They wanted me to be in a relationship that they thought could be their own. Some may have checked on me, others sent… Continue reading Who are your true friends?

The 4 weeks of Clarity

It came down to it, Does He Leave? or Do I leave? The Separation was needed and it was clear. 20 years of togetherness and we disliked each other. Each of us wanted to change the person that we were with. We were angry inside and passive aggressive on the outside. It showed in our kiss… Continue reading The 4 weeks of Clarity

The D Word – Divorce

It had to happen, it was quick, harsh, painful and it was a release. We had a Divorce. The Divorce was real it wasn’t something that we wanted to talk about. We knew it was the deadly D-Word. The word that pierced¬†our ears, our soul, we didn’t want to utter the sounds of this word.… Continue reading The D Word – Divorce

The Husband, The Lover, The Wife

The husband, the lover and the wife can they experience¬†love equally? Are you in love with a married person or are you in a committed relationship and in love with your partner and someone else? Are you in a committed relationship and your partner told you that they’re in love with someone else in addition… Continue reading The Husband, The Lover, The Wife

To Be or Not to Be, in Love

I know it’s been awhile since my last blog post. I was falling back in love with myself and my husband. Oh, I forgot also I’ve been working on my book, researching and having exciting conversations for the show and my upcoming book. I’ve also been traveling exploring the west.. VEGAS.. hanging out with great… Continue reading To Be or Not to Be, in Love

Reasons Why Men Pull Away

In our last conversation on The Show Timna UnCut we talked about “Why Men Pull Away!” Click and Listen to the replay to laugh, ponder and even get mad about “The Reasons Why Men Pull Away.” http://tobtr.com/8216359 After having this conversation on air it made me think about the correlations of “Why Men Pull Away”… Continue reading Reasons Why Men Pull Away

2016 Making a Change in Your Relationship

Just a Thought! The last few weeks, I must admit, I was not writing because I was focused on too many other things than actually focusing on the thing that should be my top priority like writing this blog (smile). Well, after beating myself up about not being consistent, I thought about relationships and how… Continue reading 2016 Making a Change in Your Relationship