Why People Have Affairs?

  I recently came across this video and it made me think… What the Hell are they talking about? Two people entering in a relationship don’t have the same amount of distance and closeness with each other to formulate a committed monogamous relationship. So they then seek out someone else to balance the relationship. Hmmm…… Continue reading Why People Have Affairs?

Have you ever cried during sex?

Have you ever cried during sex? Well, many people have never cried during sex and they also can’t understand why someone would cry during this intimate moment. I must admit, I have CRIED… So you may be wondering… Was it terrible? or Was it sooo amazing that you had to shed a tear? I have… Continue reading Have you ever cried during sex?

Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?

Time and time again, the story is told, a couple meets, fall in love and get married. A short time passes by  then everyone hears that the couple is divorced. It’s has been less than 2 years. People thought the couple were in love, they wondered what happened? Was it lust or was it love?… Continue reading Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?

Addicted, The Movie… Are you Addicted?

Addicted is a jaw-dropping sexual thriller based on the best-selling novel by Zane. The movie is about a successful, married business woman who is drawn to fulfill a burning desire for passion. She was ready to lose everything for the thrill, the hunt and the seduction that she was craving. She cheated with not one… Continue reading Addicted, The Movie… Are you Addicted?

The Discovery Call

Have you ever thought about picking up the phone and calling someone who you wanted to ask a burning question? Malina cringed as she picked up the phone to call her husband’s lover. She asked herself… “Why am I calling her? “What will I say?”  “What will I get out of this call?” She knew… Continue reading The Discovery Call

Pushing the Button on Sexuality

Is the media pushing the button on sexuality? Recently, I noticed that most of the popular evening programing have seem to be pushing the level of sexuality. Is this exposure of sexuality causing the viewers to think more about their sexual fantasy and desires?  Currently depicted on the screen are more threesomes, group sex, inter-sexual or bisexual… Continue reading Pushing the Button on Sexuality