Pushing the Button on Sexuality

Is the media pushing the button on sexuality? Recently, I noticed that most of the popular evening programing have seem to be pushing the level of sexuality. Is this exposure of sexuality causing the viewers to think more about their sexual fantasy and desires?  Currently depicted on the screen are more threesomes, group sex, inter-sexual or bisexual… Continue reading Pushing the Button on Sexuality

Not Single but Dating for Friends

Today, is a new day! You are now on a new adventure, your best friend has relocated, you are in a town where now you have no BF. You and your family have move to new city to start your new life You may be a person that has recently changed jobs and now is… Continue reading Not Single but Dating for Friends

Are single women really desperate?

The naked truth is, that we all want to be loved and have love!!!! I was thinking about women and the current shows on TV “Scandal”, “Being Mary Jane”, “Housewives…” and other series such as “Sex and the City” portraying educated professional women in steamy, controversial situations. Why are we portrayed so desperate? Why do… Continue reading Are single women really desperate?

Why are we sooo Scared of Eating Healthy? Cancer is On the Rise!

Yes, I was told I am “The Healthy One”… I felt like an outcast in some way, then I asked myself “Why Are People so Scared of Eating Healthy?” Is it Finance? Education? Belief systems? Laziness? Needing immediate gratification? Or has unhealthy eating simply become a habit? Why are the Healthy Eaters the outsiders? Hmmmm…… Continue reading Why are we sooo Scared of Eating Healthy? Cancer is On the Rise!