The Fear is Gone The Saint is Back

I was living in and with fear for a very long time, it was around me, inside of me and taking control over me until it took hold over my body, mind, and soul. In August, I searched for clarity regarding fear! I knew the answer but I still wanted to fix fear and brush… Continue reading The Fear is Gone The Saint is Back

The Silent Message

Recently I spoke to a woman and she told me her story about the silence in her relationship. I thought about it, and realized that many couples go through the same silence in their relationships. Have you ever silenced yourself in fear of retaliation of your partner? Or do you have a desire or passion… Continue reading The Silent Message

The Stranger in My House

Have you ever felt like your love one is a stranger? Have you felt like the person laying in the bed next to you is now a stranger, because you have drifted apart? Have you ever thought your relationship felt like a lie or at least half-truth? Do you have some family members that seem… Continue reading The Stranger in My House

Losing Your Voice in Your Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where you have quieted your voice? Are you in a relationship where you’re not showing up the way you want to? Well, welcome to The Relationship Glass Ceiling! What is The Relationship Glass Ceiling? It is the term, that I’m using to describe the unseen, unbreakable, barrier that… Continue reading Losing Your Voice in Your Relationship

Mother! Who am I?

Today I wanted to write a blog about the word Mother and what this word means to me. When I think of the word mother, many words come to mind. The first word that I thought of was courageous! Then one word after another started to flood my mind. Loving Caring Spontaneous Movement Life Balance… Continue reading Mother! Who am I?

How Can I Find Myself? The Quick Answer to Joy and Fulfillment!

Sarah is 35 years old, married with 3 kids. She is a successful attorney at a big law firm in Boston. She  loves to boost  that “Everything is going well for me.””I am happy!” Well this is far from the truth. She is actually lonely, unfulfilled and miserable.  She ask herself continuously questions like, “Why… Continue reading How Can I Find Myself? The Quick Answer to Joy and Fulfillment!

The Secret Relationship with Myself

Hi, I am Stephanie, a Marketing Manager for Jack in The Box clothing line.  To the world I am considered a mover and shaker, nothing seems to bother me. I am confident, driven, focus and committed to others. I am in constant movement. I am the person you call when you need something to be… Continue reading The Secret Relationship with Myself