Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?

Time and time again, the story is told, a couple meets, fall in love and get married. A short time passes by  then everyone hears that the couple is divorced. It’s has been less than 2 years. People thought the couple were in love, they wondered what happened? Was it lust or was it love?… Continue reading Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?

♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Is it Men or is it Women, who is more sexual? What do you think? So on the above picture many of you thought WTH, then started to laugh. You may have even asked yourself “Why is she sitting like that?” “That looks so sexual” “Doesn’t she know that this might be really sexual from… Continue reading ♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Pushing the Button on Sexuality

Is the media pushing the button on sexuality? Recently, I noticed that most of the popular evening programing have seem to be pushing the level of sexuality. Is this exposure of sexuality causing the viewers to think more about their sexual fantasy and desires?  Currently depicted on the screen are more threesomes, group sex, inter-sexual or bisexual… Continue reading Pushing the Button on Sexuality

What do you think is SEXY?

When you think about sexiness what comes to your mind? It was not that long ago, when I forgot what sexy meant to me. When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt sexy. I was sexy even with the added “lovable” 50 lbs I had gained. YES, I was a sexy pregnant woman.… Continue reading What do you think is SEXY?

Why do people go to Stripe Clubs?

This question came up the other day when I was speaking to a friend. She asked me “Why do people go to Strip Clubs?”, “What do they get out of it?” especially, women! What is the deal? Let’s talk about strip clubs! Well, I will discuss my view points on male and female strip clubs.… Continue reading Why do people go to Stripe Clubs?