You Know The Truth

You can tell people what you wish but you know the truth. You can tell her my name but…. I don’t care to meet her. She is beneath me, a breeze passing by. I wondered why was I so upset when I heard the news. I know why because I’m a mommy bear protecting my cubs… Continue reading You Know The Truth

Are we now in a Vanilla America?

As I sit here watching the inaugural concert, I scratch my head in amazement that there are NO people of color represented in the audience. Where is the red, white and blue of our country? We are moving into an era of just one type of ice-cream to choose from. Vanilla is new Neapolitan ice-cream. There is… Continue reading Are we now in a Vanilla America?

Fear is a Bitch! Let’s Bitch Slap It!

Fear is a Bitch! Why are we so fearful? How can turn our fears in possibilities by challenging the status quo! Let’s think about it, fear is overpowering our minds and behaviors. Let’s over power fear itself and think outside of the box. “Knowledge is power! Fear is mental enslavement!” check out this week’s Sunday show the Topic is “How to overcome fear and guilt?”