Thoughts of a Mom Re-entering the Job Market

Re-entering the workforce after being at home raising children can be scary and daunting but you can do it. You are not alone. It’s tough.

The Relationship Expiration Date

Did you know that every relationship has an expiration date? Even your relationship right now has an expiration date. Some expire sooner than others but they will eventually expire at some point.  I know that this may seem a bit daunting but it is true. We have an expiration date on our love life and friendships.  I… Continue reading The Relationship Expiration Date

What does love have to do with it?

Sitting here at my desk, I thought about this question, what does love have to do with it? Hmmm… I thought to myself:  Nothing and everything. What does love have to do with it when it pertains to your health in your relationship? As I sat in my quietness, it was revealed to me that… Continue reading What does love have to do with it?

The D Word – Divorce

It had to happen, it was quick, harsh, painful and it was a release. We had a Divorce. The Divorce was real it wasn’t something that we wanted to talk about. We knew it was the deadly D-Word. The word that pierced our ears, our soul, we didn’t want to utter the sounds of this word.… Continue reading The D Word – Divorce

How Do I Find Myself Before Starting a New Relationship?

Here are some steps to finding oneself before starting a new relationship: Before we tackle the steps, let’s define various types of people who may of lost themselves in previous relationships. The Valet Driver I am the person, that allows people to take advantage of my kindness. I put my opinions in the back seat.… Continue reading How Do I Find Myself Before Starting a New Relationship?