The Relationship Expiration Date

Did you know that every relationship has an expiration date? Even your relationship right now has an expiration date. Some expire sooner than others but they will eventually expire at some point.  I know that this may seem a bit daunting but it is true. We have an expiration date on our love life and friendships.  I… Continue reading The Relationship Expiration Date

What does love have to do with it?

Sitting here at my desk, I thought about this question, what does love have to do with it? Hmmm… I thought to myself:  Nothing and everything. What does love have to do with it when it pertains to your health in your relationship? As I sat in my quietness, it was revealed to me that… Continue reading What does love have to do with it?

One Night

I thought it was a Dream… One Night, the star was shining, the moon was glowing, it was a full moon. People say when there is a full moon, God is talking to you or showing you your path, but it’s up to you to be awakened to follow it. Well, one night the moon… Continue reading One Night

The Silent Message

Recently I spoke to a woman and she told me her story about the silence in her relationship. I thought about it, and realized that many couples go through the same silence in their relationships. Have you ever silenced yourself in fear of retaliation of your partner? Or do you have a desire or passion… Continue reading The Silent Message

Fear is a Bitch! Let’s Bitch Slap It!

Fear is a Bitch! Why are we so fearful? How can turn our fears in possibilities by challenging the status quo! Let’s think about it, fear is overpowering our minds and behaviors. Let’s over power fear itself and think outside of the box. “Knowledge is power! Fear is mental enslavement!” check out this week’s Sunday show the Topic is “How to overcome fear and guilt?”

Emotional Affairs: Beneficial or Harmful

An “Emotional Affair” is an affair between two people, it is just as sensual as an sexual affair with no actual SEX.  On last’s weeks show, Timna UnCut we had a discussion about Emotional Affairs in your single life, dating and committed relationships. Things that we learned: Benefits- Emotional Affairs can cause your relationship to… Continue reading Emotional Affairs: Beneficial or Harmful

Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?

Time and time again, the story is told, a couple meets, fall in love and get married. A short time passes by  then everyone hears that the couple is divorced. It’s has been less than 2 years. People thought the couple were in love, they wondered what happened? Was it lust or was it love?… Continue reading Married & Divorced After 1 year, Was it Lust or Love?