Addicted, The Movie… Are you Addicted?

Addicted is a jaw-dropping sexual thriller based on the best-selling novel by Zane. The movie is about a successful, married business woman who is drawn to fulfill a burning desire for passion. She was ready to lose everything for the thrill, the hunt and the seduction that she was craving. She cheated with not one… Continue reading Addicted, The Movie… Are you Addicted?

♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Is it Men or is it Women, who is more sexual? What do you think? So on the above picture many of you thought WTH, then started to laugh. You may have even asked yourself “Why is she sitting like that?” “That looks so sexual” “Doesn’t she know that this might be really sexual from… Continue reading ♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Why do people go to Stripe Clubs?

This question came up the other day when I was speaking to a friend. She asked me “Why do people go to Strip Clubs?”, “What do they get out of it?” especially, women! What is the deal? Let’s talk about strip clubs! Well, I will discuss my view points on male and female strip clubs.… Continue reading Why do people go to Stripe Clubs?