Thoughts of a Mom Re-entering the Job Market

Re-entering the workforce after being at home raising children can be scary and daunting but you can do it. You are not alone. It’s tough.

The Fear is Gone The Saint is Back

I was living in and with fear for a very long time, it was around me, inside of me and taking control over me until it took hold over my body, mind, and soul. In August, I searched for clarity regarding fear! I knew the answer but I still wanted to fix fear and brush… Continue reading The Fear is Gone The Saint is Back

Pushing the Button on Sexuality

Is the media pushing the button on sexuality? Recently, I noticed that most of the popular evening programing have seem to be pushing the level of sexuality. Is this exposure of sexuality causing the viewers to think more about their sexual fantasy and desires?  Currently depicted on the screen are more threesomes, group sex, inter-sexual or bisexual… Continue reading Pushing the Button on Sexuality

40 & Bored

Hitting 40 does something to people whether you like it or not! Rick a vibrant, fit, handsome, successful man, came home one day to his empty house and wondered, WHAT HAPPENED? He turned 40 and said to himself, how did I get to this point in my life, I have no one in my house.… Continue reading 40 & Bored

Not Single but Dating for Friends

Today, is a new day! You are now on a new adventure, your best friend has relocated, you are in a town where now you have no BF. You and your family have move to new city to start your new life You may be a person that has recently changed jobs and now is… Continue reading Not Single but Dating for Friends

Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?

This is a funny, touchy but interesting subject. I have thought about this subject for some time now and honestly I am glad that I researched it. Here is my story about make-up: When I was a teen, my parents adopted a religion that denounced MAKE-UP on women. As a teen, I sometimes wondered, ”… Continue reading Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?