Thoughts of a Mom Re-entering the Job Market

Dear Universe,
After 13 years of raising my two beautiful daughters, I’m struggling to know what’s best for me and my two girls without the consistent carrot being dangled over our heads of financial obligation.
While being a mom of 2, I had a great opportunity to live aboard in Germany for 7 years with my ex husband. While there I saw my ex-husband build a division of a company from a one man show to over 30 people employed in a bilingual environment. As a wife and mom living in another country with a foreign tongue and raising two children, one with a disability (Dwarfism) it was not an easy task. I had to adapt quickly to the language and culture of this new environment. Despite not being employed, my hands were full with my daily duties of being a hands on mom and an executive’s wife. This role is not one to be devalued or dismissed. A beautiful, intelligent, cultured, sociable wife can make many deals become easier to acquire. Sleepless nights to feel safe and a good meal to be healthy in a stressful environment. Plus having lovely well educated and well manner children are a plus. However, with the glitz and glam there can be many set backs.
After returning to the USA, I felt unsure about my abilities as a professional woman. My grammar was weaken due to living aboard and learning another language. I felt less than, in someway, however I knew my talent as an executive’s wife would be sufficient until is was not. I volunteered many hours at the girl’s school and networked around town to fill my emptiness.  I even created two school yearbooks, which was a very time consuming, creative, tedious task . I sat on the school board, and made sure my kids were excelling in their education. During this time, there was a feeling of loss. I felt lost in this role that I never thought I would be in, after receiving my Masters Degree many years prior.
Feeling unfulfilled with a lack of purpose, I decided to start something new by taking a rigorous course as a Life Coach. It was 18 months of RAW self discovery. After passing my exams, I decided to start my own LIVE radio show on Blog Talk Radio with the help of many who told me “you can do it”. Then, I decided to write a book, plus open a coaching business because I knew and was told that I am a phenomenal coach that listens, challenges you to look outside what you think is true. I had purpose and drive to succeed.
After a tough, hard break up of my marriage, I was completely lost again, not knowing where I will go and how I will make it so, I STOPPED everything to find time to BREATHE.
While, I was breathing I wanted to help my kids accomplish their dreams so I poured my knowledge of branding, marketing and coaching into them. Whatever I didn’t know I read about it or I took an online class. I built and am still building two amazing brands, Little Chef Ivy and Das Ninja (Anavi) both of them featured on Reality TV shows. Oh and plus don’t forget I still have Timna, LLC and my book WDF: The Naked Truth. I was doing it all on a fixed income. 25% of what once lived off of while married.  I just had a passion to build my kids “Life Resume” as Jesse Itzler would say.
But with pressure, lack of emotional, physical support and financial uncertainty I found myself less of wanting to build my own business but to secure an amazing position that will help me to build the future for my children and myself.
So where do I start and how to I get back in the job market at 45?
As I think about this and research on the internet, I also think about this pressure of being a financial burden on my ex.  Is this pressure a manipulative tactic? He is an intelligent man who always gets what he wants. So maybe it is.
I will send him love.
It is his loss at the end. I am getting stronger, more confident, more stable, and full of “SHE” – Smart, Honest, and Exquisitely beautiful in my own skin. I’m turning into the best me with all of this pressure and black-lash. I’m climbing this mountain with two kids on my back. 
Hmmm… Maybe, I need to thank him for this gift of being a full-time mom while learning the grit, and grind towards success. Later, I will know I did it on my own.
I love the song “On my own” by Claire Richards listen to it.. it makes me feel so good. I hope it makes you feel good. YOU CAN DO IT!
Universe, I know my talents and I know my weakness therefore, I ask that you see me… TIMNA… The woman with many hidden talents… coaching, marketing, building relationships, soft sales, branding, well traveled, diversity, with inclusion plus overcoming life transitions or traumas. Plus, I educate myself on a daily bases by reading all of the top management, marketing, self development books ever written.
I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I just want to be apart of a team to help it turn, move, and create growth in Human Development as an Executive Coach like Wendy on the Showtime series Billions. That would be my ultimate career move. Working for a high pressure company preferably a luxury brand helping leaders to retain a great workforce with work life balance, keep balance within the executive team and be the point person to resolve any issues while increasing profit. A In House Coach.
My hair is bald now. I shaved it off! It’s so powerful, professional, and freeing.
Love, Timna Augustine
Accepting Universal Blessings and a Miracle.

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