WDF: The Naked Truth

Recently, I wrote the book “What Da F*ck! The Naked Truth” which is a true modern day love story about a 20 year biracial relationship/marriage. This book was written with deep love and emotion. While writing my book, my soul was taken down a path of self reflection and discovery.  At the age of 23, I didn’t know that life would bring the joys and sadness that would shape my current world. People get married with the hopes of the Disney Fairytale that love will last forever.  However we are never told the story of what if we have WDF moments. What do we do? How do we handle the roller coasters of life? What happens when we loose ourselves in the relationship? What happens if we can’t have a baby? What happens if someone cheats? What happens if someone has a destructive vise? What happens when we are just completely different? What happens when we need to move away from family and friends? What happens when we have children? What happens if you become an expat?….. and so on…

This book answers all of those questions…. WDF do I do? How do I move forward and where will I go? What Da F*ck! The Naked Truth will help you to see yourself in your relationship.  You may even understand your parents or the people around you and their relationships. There are No marriages that are perfect. But every story is interesting… I just choose to share mine. I give you a seat in my closet looking into my life as a voyeur.   There are so many secrets in marriages. Therefore “marriage is a mystery!” we have NO idea what happens behind closed doors. So, I welcome you to enter my secret cave and join the thrill ride of this “Reality TV” story.

The Naked Truth will be in a non-explicit version available March 1, 2018.

You can purchase the ebook or hardcover book at http://www.Timna.com

SHARE…. TELL YOUR FRIENDS… Invite the Author Timna to your next book club meeting. I will provide you with an autograph copy when you invite 10 or more guest at your home. I do travel so inbox me! I look forward in discussing the book with your group.

timna@timna.com by the way …. yes my ass is 44! Get it in! (smile)

200X200 WDF


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