Why is Good Dick Dangerous to your Psyche?

Hey Again!

Recently, a friend told me that they encounter a man that had good dick action.

Hmm… I am nervous about getting good dick. Trust me, I just got out of an unhealthy 20-year marriage and I’m on hiatus regarding my sex life.  The last time that I met a guy who gave me “good” dick I fell hard for him because his dick action was so good. (This story is in my book WDF: The Naked Truth coming out this fall)

By the way, Good Dick can fuck you up!

Why is a good dick so good but so bad on your psyche?

Let me tell you…

If you haven’t had it in a long time you tend to forget how good it can be. Then when you meet someone and decide to venture out into having sex you, you then realize DAMN this shit is good. You may lie to yourself or others how you don’t need sex but you can’t lie to your vagina and your mind/ emotions. I need it! I want it! This is by no means you are desperate. Oh… I’m definitely not desperate! I’m cautious of my vulnerable state after a 20-year marriage. THIS just the TRUTH.

So…. What happens when you have “good” dick?

You lose your FUCKING mind! lol

Meaning you forget what is your true value system, what you truly want and need out of a relationship because it’s not a relationship. It’s SEX!

It’s SEX!

Really good SEX!

That’s it!

However, you put the sex first beyond any other rational emotions of what you really want and you say DAMN that’s good dick!

You want it again by any means necessary.

It’s like a drug, your endorphins control your mind because you want it again and again.

Yes, good dick!

Hmmm… I know still wondering why was it so good?

I will leave that to your imagination. OR I will leave it to my imagination. (lol)

Oh, men go through this as well… Good Pussy! They leave their wives, they pay for Red Bottom Shoes, Gucci bags, and pay bills etc. For Good Pussy! We all lose our minds for it, just people don’t talk about it. Because they know that they went crazy!

Let's Talk For Real 2



This is the NAKED TRUTH…

Oh… I’m super picky and I don’t want to focus on the sex.  Currently, I need to figure out my world after a divorce.

P.S. Someone that I’m dating don’t think you are getting it! I’m good! Good Dick doesn’t come that often they are unicorns! So I will wait and NOT be crazy when it presents itself. lol

Hey, a side note… Be careful of the pitfall of good dick and enjoy it while it last but don’t go crazy because good dick may turn out to be an awesome relationship if you just chill!

My book will be out this Fall! WDF: The Naked Truth  Launch Party Book Signing Nov. 8th!

Launch Party Book Signing Nov. 8th!

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Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash


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