Home Alone

What do you do after a breakup or divorce and you are home alone?

Recently, I realized that I’m occupying an empty nest. I’m home alone with-out kids 2 days a week and every other weekend for 4 days. I wondered what do I do with my time and energy? I’m home alone and it sucks! I have things to do but do I want to do them? No

Seth Doyle… Picture credit

I’m completely tired of keeping busy…

Ignore me, because I still do a lot. I’m just complaining to deaf ears.

But I do feel…


I feel like I am doing nothing.

So then what? What do I do with this new alone time?

Well, many people have suggested that I join a group of other lonely people. http://www.Meetup.com But I actually don’t want to be bothered.

In my new reality, I would like to chill with a partner. A special person! I want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a good movie or just kiss the night away.  I don’t want to be home alone.  I don’t want a desperation companionship. A somebody, a nobody just because we’re both alone. I want someone to want me as much as I want them. I want a mental connection just a much as a spiritual, emotional, physical connection. But while I wait for that someone to knock on my door. I need to do something with my time and energy.

Hmmm…. SCREAM….

I can’t stand being ALONE…

Maybe, I can take up an activity.

Maybe eating (lol), working out or binge watching TV, reading a great book is a great option or hanging with some girlfriends.

But… sometimes, I’m tired of meeting up with people. So what does a girl do when she really wants a companion.

Well.. chill. Drink a glass of wine, listen to some music and entertain herself….

Hmmm… but even though… I’m currently complaining, I’m missing the touch of a partner. In meantime, I put my thoughts aside and I still pick up the phone and call friends to hang out.

This helps me to get out of my misery and loneliness.

Trust me! DON’T GIVE UP! Mr. Right or Ms. Right is right around the corner.

Just don’t self-sabotage when you meet them because you’re used to being alone.

Let's Talk For Real 2


If you’re in this situation join a group of other lonely people, go out, explore your world, entertain yourself or call some friends to hang out. GOOD LUCK!


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