You Know The Truth

You can tell people what you wish but you know the truth.

You can tell her my name but…. I don’t care to meet her.

She is beneath me, a breeze passing by.

I wondered why was I so upset when I heard the news.

I know why because I’m a mommy bear protecting my cubs and poppa bear put my cubs in harm’s way after 20 years.

I thought 5 weeks… that’s sad!

I was disappointed, upset, frustrated and protective.

It took me a few days…

And NOW I’m relaxed.

I don’t care to meet her because she is desperate –  insecure and was a blank page until you gave her something to write home about.

I love myself

I love my kids

I love my existence

I respect me


F*ck her and F*ck you!

Moving on…. in this life called TIMNA

Because you know the truth and NOW I don’t give a F*ck!

This was a small poem…
That I wrote before I went to bed…

Let's Talk For Real

Love you for reading…

Love you for sharing…

Love you for following…

Oh, reread again like you are at a poetry reading then snap at the end! LOL

Oh, for those going through a break-up and your partner tells you that they have found another, trust me you will go through the emotions all over again! So brace yourself…. Even though you are done, for some reason, you feel disrespected and you relive the pain especially if they only met few weeks prior to saying that they are official.

If you are thinking of doing this dumb shit. It takes time to recover from a breakup and so don’t jump into another one until you are ready…. especially saying telling everyone that you are official. Remember this is a big step for you, your partner, your friends and the people around you. Everyone feels uncomfortable, especially your kids. Don’t put them in harm’s way for the sake of a title or a quick fix to satisfy your hungry EGO. Live in the NOW, understand self first before bringing another person into your life even if it is for a moment because these are lasting moments for your kids. It’s an imprint on their psyche which will never go away. WAIT … be patient… It will all work out. And don’t fuck the other person up because they may be an innocent manipulated bystander or they may be waiting in the wind with intentions of money, baby, fulfilling a need or desire. Who knows… Just check yourself and your emotions because the other person is idiotic.

Bye for Now! TIMNA….



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