The Relationship Expiration Date

Did you know that every relationship has an expiration date? Even your relationship right now has an expiration date. Some expire sooner than others but they will eventually expire at some point.  I know that this may seem a bit daunting but it is true. We have an expiration date on our love life and friendships.  I just want you to know that this is not a negative thing, it’s just reality.

Hmmm… sometimes I think the reality is a bitch, but this reality doesn’t have to be.

All we need to do is accept that all relationships have an expiration date.

Sometimes this expiration date is overdue.  Many people in relationships, unfortunately, don’t accept the inevitable expiration date.  Not realizing or accepting can lead to the relationship becoming spoiled and rotten.

Other times the expiration date is unexpected because your partner decides that they’re done. Or they die. Just saying… This is a sad thing but true.  Death or a disappearance happens every day.

So why don’t we live each day like our relationship can or will be expired?

Why don’t we live in the reality of today and prepare for tomorrow?

Why don’t we check our relationship expiration date and make sure that the relationship is still fresh?



  • Because we’re scared…
  • We’re too busy…
  • We don’t believe that this can happen. The end is not near because the relationship and the love seem so sweet.
  • We think that it will last forever.  This is true for some but not for others.
  • We depend on the relationship.
  • We think about today and forget about the future.
  • We’re selfish and believe the other person won’t leave or do you harm.
  • We think that the person will change.
  • We believe in the fairytale, and we hold onto a dream.
  • We use our kids has ransom or an excuse.

In actuality, many of us just stay and extend the expiration date as far out as possible even if it stinks.

What can we do to extend the expiration date and keep it fresh:

  • Cherish each moment.
  • Understand your wants and needs.
  • Develop a check-in discussion on the relationship.
  • Check your own personal needs – assess your emotional state. LISTEN TO YOUR TRUTH.
  • Check your partner’s personal needs and assess their emotional state. DON’T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY – LISTEN…
  • Communicate about the need for a change or discuss a temporary expiration date and be realistic about it.
  • Understand and accept when things are not healthy; know that it’s ok to seek help.
  • Understand when the time is up, it’s up.
  • Be adults!
  • Don’t be ashamed of the expiration date or the failure of the relationship.
  • Prepare for the expiration of relationship upfront so that no one is confused, undermined, and ashamed. (if you have home insurance, you should also have divorce insurance)
  • What do we do if the relationship is expired? Don’t be afraid to have the conversation when you are in love. It’s important.

Anyways, all of our relationships have expiration dates.

Just beware of yours.

Seek help if your relationship is starting to spoil so that you can extend the expiration date. Remember that not everyone is supposed to be in your life for the duration of your life and that’s ok. Sometimes we need to part ways and seek another to travel on this yellow brick road.

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