Is FaceBook Helping You to Formulate Judgement?

I was talking to a woman the other day and she stated that she removed herself from social media because she started judging people too harshly. With every post, she viewed her friends and colleagues differently.  If they wrote something that she didn’t like, it would put a red flag on their friendship.  She didn’t like who she was becoming, the judgmental old hag. Her sleep patterns changed, her moods changed as she scrolled down her posts. Her emotions were an extension of what she read from her FB friends and relatives. Her thoughts and feelings were not her’s anymore it was under the control of the next post.

The post was making her life disgruntle. She stopped liking the people that she normally liked in person. She was ashamed of her dark secret which was hatred to others and their viewpoints.

Does this sound like someone you know? Is this you?

As we move closer to the era of the “lack of wisdom”, many of us are formulating unhealthy habits of judgment. Judgment is an opinion or conclusion made by yourself towards another, it is not fact or truth, it’s your opinion. Social Media has caused us to quickly formulate a 3-minute opinion about a person or situation. The headlines of that person’s life.

You may ask well, why are they posting?

I may ask, why are you reading? (lol)

Isn’t it the same thing.

We all have a right to read and post.

Am I correct? The problem is the emotions or judgment that we conclude in a 3-minute video or post that affect our daily lives.

Now that we have access to the lives of many, an access which we didn’t have many years ago is precious to the poster and reader.  Many would think that posting brings you closer to another but in actuality, it may distance you from an otherwise great relationship. We’re not in bed or living with the people that are posting so why are we acting like we are dating them.

On a normal base, we formulate opinions about others when we meet them because our energy intertwine and we see them for who they are. Today, however, with the fakeness of social media is causes us to put up blockers or prevents us to truly get to know someone. These opinions can cause us to become distant in a world of assumed intimacy.

I welcome people into my world without excuse and without judgment. I enjoy sharing a piece of me with the world. However, in doing so, I know that I will lose friends, gain long-lasting virtual friendships and build a community of like-minded people.

It is what it is.

Many people are afraid of posting because of this fear of judgment. Yes, this fear is real and by no means should we downplay it. However, why don’t we free ourselves of this fear and be more open to the world around us?

One day in the near future, posting will be a norm.

If you don’t share you won’t be hired.

If you don’t share, you won’t be trusted.

If you don’t share you will be blocked from the sharing world.


Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t!

Let's Talk For Real 2


Hmmm….  In conclusion, so sharing is caring and judging is bullshit.

If you’re judging you should ask yourself, Why? Am I better than that person? What makes me the judge of their life? What am I doing to educated that individual? How am I bringing about tolerance in this situation? Am I sharing my opinion or sitting here just getting upset….. Plus what you see on the Media is not always the full truth.

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