Can you love more than one?

She came to me and said, you love more than one, you’re loved by many. You don’t have to be alone, you can be loved and find love. You have not just one but three loves of your life. You have a roommate, a soulmate, and a fire soulmate. I thought about this and wondered what was she saying to me. A roommate, a soulmate and a fire soulmate? I knew who she was talking about and what they mean to me but I was confused. How can I love three people? Is it fair to love more than one? Is it fair to be with one and not the other? Many societies say, you should only be with one, you should only love one, and you should only desire one.

love-wordHow true is this belief system that your heart can only belong to one?

She said I had a question and I knew what it was, “Is my husband my soulmate or another?”

She said he wasn’t but we have love for one another. He loves me but doesn’t know how to love me. What? I’m confused! I love him! How can he not be my true soulmate?  She explained to me that some people have many loves in their lives and they can come in different forms. Love is not cut and dry. Love shows itself in many different ways and your love for your husband is one form of love. You generally love him, he generally loves you and he is your life partner. 

Hmmm… I thought to myself, so three soulmates? How can this be? Is everyone like this? or just me?

She told me that my first soulmate was a lover from many years ago, in my childhood. This soulmate choose another but we still have love for one another. We will never be together because this was not our path but our love is still there.

Then I wondered about the other. Who was the other? She said he came into my life like fire, it was hot, and it was desire. The desire that we both shared was like no other. I will never experience this with another, this was a cosmic blast that many wouldn’t find in this lifetime but we found it together. She told me that we could never be together because this was not a long-term relationship, it was just cosmic, an explosion of emotions, passion, and desire.

So then I thought about myself.

Can one person be with someone who has all three?

Yes, of course, but not you. You’re a lover of many. You give love to many, not in a sexual manner but with your heart. You love three but many more have loved you.

Wow, interesting I thought.

I’m a lover of many….

Hmm. If we all knew that every love is not the same, we would appreciate each other more and respect our different languages of love.

Different love languages or having one or two soulmates is neither bad nor good, it is what it is. We can love more than one, we just need to respect our partner and share with them our needs and desire. This should be no secret, each person has a choice to be with one another. Allow your partner to choose to be with you in truth and in love. We should also understand our “why!”

Why did I choose this person and why did they choose me? Understanding your why will bring clarity into your relationship plus you will understand what bucket your person belongs and you will respect what they bring to the table and what you bring to the table to build the relationship and allow it to grow stronger. You may find this with one person or not. That’s the mystery of life.

For me, I love living with my husband and I love what he brings to the table as much as he loves what I offer to the relationship. It is a mutual agreement with its ups and downs. At one time I felt obligated, controlled and a hostage in my relationship because I didn’t understand his why and I was afraid of my why. This was not healthy.

You should want to be in your relationship as much as they want to be with you. Not everyone is for everybody at that time a space but we should all know that there is someone out there for you, you might of missed the boat but it may come around in shape of car or a plane, it can still take you where you want to go, so don’t give up! Be honest with yourself about your “why” and allow the other person to be honest with themselves.

Let's Talk For Real 2

So why do we fight the notion that you can’t love more than one?

Well, society tell us no!

But can you?

Just remember, respect, understanding your role, acceptance of your role or changing it, acknowledgement and your knowing your true why, is important for any relationship whether it’s your soul mate or not. It doesn’t matter. You may even love more than one but its hard to maintain a life with others… Just saying… Too much drama.

Thank you for reading. My blogs are written creatively so that you can see yourself in my message. It may or may not be about me. Again… it’s a thought or conversation that I have with everyday people.

Stay Bold, Be Blessed, Stay in your Truth!

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