Who are your true friends?

They were afraid of the unknown more than I was, they fought me on my decision, they gave me scared tactics, they didn’t want to know the truth, that I was unhappy. They wanted me to be in a relationship that they thought could be their own. Some may have checked on me, others sent me texts like what’s up? I’m in pain! Did you read my BLOG… Hmmm, What’s up? Sometimes, I said No words…I thought… I’m stressed… Just read… It’s all written right in front of your eyes.

That’s what’s up?


Some were ridiculously scared.

You said,

She’s stupid
She’s crazy
She will never find anyone else
She has it good
She doesn’t need to work
He adores her
She has it easy
Where will she live?
Where will she get money?
He is not physically abusing her so why leave?
She’s stupid

Some were heartfelt and caring.

You said,

I’m here for you
Do you need anything?
Do you need a place to stay?
Do your kids need anything?
What does he think?
Is he ok?
Are you ok?
What do you need?
Do you need a listening ear?
We miss you…
Thinking about you…
Love you…
I’m here for you

Others were selfish.

You said,

Why haven’t she called me?
What’s Up?
Why is she doing this?
What’s her problem?
She is going through a mid-life crisis like I did! This too will pass. (WTH)
You had assumptions with no questions because you didn’t really want to know.
Selfish and this too will pass.

Others were silent

You were silent
I thought you had my back
You read
You whispered
You had assumptions without any questions
You didn’t call
You didn’t text
You were just silent

Now you want to call me… Really?

I’m processing my journey, my exit, my return, my journey to come but one thing for sure, the toughest thing I ever dealt with, was seeing the above unfold.

I thought to myself where are my peeps when I need them? Where is my family? Where are the people that said, they love me and cared about me? Somewhere nicely out there and others reared their ugly heads, plotting, hating and gossiping.

Where are your peeps when you need them? #justsaying

Let's Talk For Real 2My Thoughts:

  1. It’s better to say something than nothing.
  2. A simple, I’m thinking about you or hello, is cool.
  3. I’m wishing you well.
    Is just suffice.
  4. Help the person to feel like they’re not alone.
  5. It’s ok to ask a question and listen to the answer, even if it might be the painful truth.
  6. Allow a person to grieve.
  7.  Allow a person to have an opinion about their own story.
  8. If you’re in a curious mindset, ask the partner, how are they or even she/he doing?

9. There are two sides to every story.
10. A person doesn’t wake up one day and is sad without reason unless they are bipolar or something tragic happened overnight or over time.

Love you for reading!

Thank you for reading. My blogs are written creatively so that you can see yourself in my message. It may or may not be about me. Again… it’s a thought or conversation that I have with everyday people.

Stay Bold, Be Blessed, Stay in your Truth!

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Featured Image PhotoCredit: Unsplash Dave Lashoviskiy

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