The 4 weeks of Clarity

It came down to it, Does He Leave? or Do I leave? The Separation was needed and it was clear. 20 years of togetherness and we disliked each other. Each of us wanted to change the person that we were with. We were angry inside and passive aggressive on the outside. It showed in our kiss or the lack thereof. 4 weeks of clarity was our silent gift to ourselves and this relationship. It was hard but it needed to happen. No Glitz. No Glam. Just Self.

She told me that I was going to move. She said I will change my location. She said this day would happen but I didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe it. But it happened. I moved. I packed up my stuff walked out of the house and moved into a new one. We made a joint decision to find ourselves, by ourselves, in an environment that was foreign to us.  It was definitely scary, definitely painful, definitely out of character, and it was our awakening.

We had to WAKE the FUCK UP…

That’s all!

And everyone around us was forced to do the same.

It was the start of our 4 weeks of Clarity…

Let's Talk For Real 2

This is my last blog on my relationship until the book entitled WTF: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Naked Truth, Live Life 4 Real is published this Winter.

I look forward to you purchasing the book and sharing my story with others.

Remember Every Relationship is a work in Progress… Ours is 20 yrs.

By the way, Mr. Swiss has read the book. He said it’s Salacious, Smart, Emotional, and Intriguing. Dang -Yup that’s Our Crazy Ass 20 yr.  Relationship.


One thought on “The 4 weeks of Clarity

  1. In life we take the bitter we the sweet. Now that it was sweet take the sweet n leave. Make your new life happy n sweet cause bitter with leave old n lonely.

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