Why People Have Affairs?


I recently came across this video and it made me think… What the Hell are they talking about?

Two people entering in a relationship don’t have the same amount of distance and closeness with each other to formulate a committed monogamous relationship. So they then seek out someone else to balance the relationship.

Hmmm… theoretical they may be right!

Constant Rejection = Distance = Affair

Over Closeness = Feeling Trapped or Owned = Needing to be Free.

Most of us think about an affair but we don’t act upon it or  do we?  If you actually do it, would you tell? (Just a thought) Is this video right? Are we not meant to be in a monogamous relationship? Are we placing too much pressure on our relationship? Or is this video full of CRAP?

Maybe you are thinking “We should just keep our peckers in our pants or VJ’s under wraps just for our significant other and no one else?” “What if our relationship sucks and we’re not getting the emotional, physical, spiritual gratification that we need?”

Well, WDF… what are you thinking? We are in a monogamous society! We need to stay with the same person until our private parts become grey and we wither away. Guess what even if we hate that person or we are lacking passion – intimacy, society says we must stay and not stray (LOL). This was the Donald Trump in me (LOL)

Do we really believe in this? Or do we cheat – get caught – then have a divorce and this is what solves the whole problem of society’s definition of monogamy. JUST A THOUGHT


Well, recently I was in a conversation with a friend regarding her ex-husband who cheated on her and she was unable to get over it. The trust was broken. The feeling of betrayal stayed with her like a knife stuck piercing in her heart and there was no way to remove it. This lack of trust lingered in her soul then it eventually became anger that was built up over time. This anger created a lack of love or like for her husband. This feeling of love lost eventually turned into them having a divorce. This is typical story of regarding many of us and our friends. This is the norm. Someone cheats, the partner is hurt deeply and then they can’t live with the hurt or pain so the next best thing is a divorce. However, there is a percent of people that stay in the relationship. Many may be wondering , why do they stay? How can they stay in this relationship?

The simple response is that many of the people that do stay are working towards the future of the relationship and decide on forgiveness. Actually, I’m just thinking about it some just stay because of fear of loneliness or pride.

The point of this whole blog is that this video may have a point, maybe some people are not meant to be monogamous. Do we fault them or do we understand the reason for the affair and discuss it. We should truly understand our partner and why people do the things that they do! Let’s try to understand one another better. Let’s be honest and communicate our feelings whetter good or bad. Just make sure when you communicate ….. “No Dumb Shit Come Out of Your Mouth” We’re smart people! Don’t think wLet's Talk For Real 2e are dumb!

Communicate and try to give enough distance and enough closeness in your relationship. Listen to your partner! #Balance

Trust me – communication is the key! I communicated with my partner last night and it felt good! Oh, not about this subject… Another (LOL)

Thank you for reading. My blogs are written creatively so that you can see yourself in my message. It may or may not be about me. Again… it’s a thought or conversation that I have with everyday people.

Stay Bold, Be Blessed, Stay in your Truth!

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