Fear is a Bitch! Let’s Bitch Slap It!

My Motto

This is a short Blog Post! (smile)

I was thinking about life and the release of fear and guilt…

Why do we fear so deeply? Why do we stop from saying what’s on our minds? Why do we stop ourselves from doing what we want to do especially if it’s right? Why do we as parents quiet our children of thought and reaction to situations? Why do we judge so harshly? Why don’t we listen? Why do we choose to be fearful of thought and movement? Why do we quiet our opinions? Why don’t we educate ourselves by researching, rather than listening to other’s opinions and thoughts? Why do we put a muzzle on our mouths and cry at night because we were unable to express ourselves? Is mental slavery still alive? Do we fear that our opinions will cause hurt and cause pain to others? Do we fear the lack of communication? Do we fear the answer to our question may  not be the answer that we’re looking for? Are we worried about judgement? Are we worried about what others may think of us? Do we know your true selves? Do we place our fears on our love ones despite their lack of fear?  Why do we fear so deep?

Fear is the outcome of an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief of a threat to oneself or others. 

Yes, fear is an unpleasant feeling so why do we place fear on ourselves and others? Is it to keep us in our place. Do we have an unseen power over ourselves and place it on others?

I remember, when someone told me to stay in my lane! What the hell is that? Why should I stay in my lane? I thought to myself, “does this person you know what my lane is?” “How do they know that my lane is not something else or that I’m where I’m suppose to be? Why can’t I be in another lane?” “Who gave them the power of which lane I’m supposed to be in?”

A Thought:

Have you ever driven on the road and noticed that there is one lane that is backed up, full of cars and the lane next to that lane is empty? Do you choose to get on the lane that is empty or do you stay on the lane that is crowded? Most people are afraid of the road less traveled? Are you that person going on the lane where there are all the cars?  Or are you the person that jumps in the other lane to see if it’s clear knowing that it’s not the popular lane to be in?

A Observation:

This is also the same scenario in the grocery store. Have you ever been to the store and notice that there are lines that are way backed up? Have you notice that most people just go to the line that is the nearest? Most people don’t  look for the shortest line or the line that is empty. They don’t even ask the cashier on the “less than 10 items only” lane to take their 15 items.  The fear of the cashier saying no, you can’t stand on this line, causes people to waste time on the other line where people have a full carts. Then the person with 15 items become upset because they wish they had 10 items. Instead of just asking if they can take the 15 items on this line? Look at this situation the next time you go to the grocery store… Trust me, you will never look at the lines the same again. LOL

Fear is a bitch!

Can fear be associated with a use of power?

Just a last-minute thought!

As you guys are aware fear is placed on us everyday in the media, for example, the political campaign, Donald Trump and the other candidates are placing fear on the public every waken moment. Did you realize that the candidates on either side is placing fear on the public regarding Donald Trump being President? Why are the other candidates using fear as a tactic for us not to vote for him rather than leaving him to be has ridiculous and crazy as he wants to be? Why is he using fear for the American people to vote for him? “Let’s Make America Great Again!” I’m confused, when was it so great? Is America messed up now? This is all fear tactics. Fear is a way for people to control and mentally enslave the minds of the weak. Think about it. Think about the definition of fear. Hmmm… This is just a thought. This is not a political blog… but my goodness.. there is a lot of fear being placed on people every day. I desided to talk about it!

Let’s think about it!
Let's Talk For Real

People out of fear don’t want to say the wrong thing so, they just become silent which is even worst.

If everyone  would stay slient then there would be NO change!

On the other side (LOL)

It’s ok to be a little fearful of confrontation or telling the whole truth because you won’t have a job or a great relationship. Hmmm… Just saying! LOL




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