The Silent Message

Recently I spoke to a woman and she told me her story about the silence in her relationship. I thought about it, and realized that many couples go through the same silence in their relationships. Have you ever silenced yourself in fear of retaliation of your partner? Or do you have a desire or passion… Continue reading The Silent Message

The Stranger in My House

Have you ever felt like your love one is a stranger? Have you felt like the person laying in the bed next to you is now a stranger, because you have drifted apart? Have you ever thought your relationship felt like a lie or at least half truth? Do you have some family members that… Continue reading The Stranger in My House

Fear is a Bitch! Let’s Bitch Slap It!

Fear is a Bitch! Why are we so fearful? How can turn our fears in possibilities by challenging the status quo! Let’s think about it, fear is overpowering our minds and behaviors. Let’s over power fear itself and think outside of the box. “Knowledge is power! Fear is mental enslavement!” check out this week’s Sunday show the Topic is “How to overcome fear and guilt?”