The 30 Day Challenge

Today is day 13 of my 30 day challenge of no wine, no coffee and no sweets.

If you ever had a habit and you wanted to change that habit and replace it with something awesome but you didn’t know how!  Well, here is how I’m doing it, but FYI I just started… (smile)


No Sweets

I was out with a friend for dinner a couple weeks ago. We had a couple of glasses of wine, we started off with a healthy green leaf with accompanied a very light dressing. We were at the number one restaurant in Atlanta which is Cape Dutch! I had rabbit which was to die for, the meat fell off the bone. By the way, if you never had rabbit you need to try it! It was amazing! We then left this amazing South African Restaurant and went to a small intimate lounge, where we had dessert. I had a plate of Petit Four (Pe-ti Four), say it with a French accent… LOL… the Petit Four were so decadent. I enjoyed every bite. They melted in my mouth and oooooohhhhh YUM!

While having this decadent plate in front of me, I saw another friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other in a long time so I wanted to take a picture. I looked at the picture and it looked strange. I wanted to take it over at least 3 times… but it still was not perfect. What was wrong with the picture, I said to myself. It didn’t look like me. This was one of those pictures you know you want to photo shop! The picture where your makeup doesn’t look flawless and your dress looks two sizes too small. Plus the person next you looks amazing! Well, that was this picture!  From one second to the next, I felt like crap! But I kept a smile on my face of course! I didn’t want to mess up the moment for everyone else! LOL

Who was that person in the picture, was that me?

I knew that I didn’t look as healthy as I wanted to look. Why should I think of photoshopping a picture? I should be always picture ready! Meaning feeling healthy inside, with glowing skin. I knew that morning that I needed to change something in my eating, drinking, nutritional habits. What did I need to change first? I noticed that I was thirsty and my body was craving water. I also noticed that my mind was craving a cup of coffee. Which one do I choose first? Common sense would say of course choose water, but I went straight to start brewing myself a cup of coffee because of the smell and feeling of the taste of coffee in my mouth and going down my throat. Plus I needed to wake up. I thought to myself, this is not healthy. Why am I thinking about coffee when my body is needing a large glass of water? What is preventing me from drinking that glass of water which is needed to hydrate my body. I thought about it… Then I consciously decided not to have the cup of coffee and have a glass of water. I actually had two. Then, I realized that I felt much better the coffee feeling went away and my thirst was quenched.


Have you ever felt this way?

Later on that day, I noticed that I wanted to have a glass of wine when I met a friend for lunch. Did I need a glass of wine or was it the aroma of a restaurant and the scene that I was in that made my brain think, this is what you suppose to do. You’re suppose to have a glass of wine with your food. I decided not to. I realized it was not necessary plus, I was spending a whole lot of money on drinking wine. $10 -$20 on one glass!  I also noticed after lunch, I wanted a cup of coffee. I was driving home and noticed that I was feeling a bit tired and wanted a cup of coffee for a pick me up. My normal routine was that if I felt this way, I would stop at Starbuck and purchase a cup of coffee. Wow, wait, I said to myself, how much am I spending each time I do this? $5

I started to calculated the amount of money that I spent on wine and coffee during the week! WOW that’s an activity for the kids or a gym membership!

So I decided to come home and make a promise to myself to stop a habit that was costing me too much money and was actually not healthy.

What is this habit costing me? Too much $$$$$$$!

Therefore I started my 30 day challenge. If I can change a couple of habits that I have in my day why can’t I change one big habit…hmmmm I’m still wondering what is my big habit? I’m not going to worry about that now, let me challenge myself with this first.

Oh, if I think about it…hmmm it might be shopping! LOL

This is day 13 and yes it has not been an easy ride. The smell of coffee still turns me on! No wine when meeting up with a friend or at a networking event is still odd  because my friends are not use to this new me. Plus, they themselves feel under pressure not to drink.

This has been an awakening experience and I challenge you to find your one habit that you would like to break.

Oh, I started waking up earlier to take a shower, a 45 minute workout, and I replaced the coffee with a glass of water and a lean smoothie. At night, I replaced my glass of wine with Relaxing HOT Tea.

Raw Food Next Week! Wish me LUCK!

Next week is Raw Foods Week! Wish me luck!



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