UnFriending Friends Offline bc of Their Social Media

The question this week is have you ever disagreed or misunderstood your friend’s online activity?  Did you unfriend them online and thought to avoid them in public? Are you a voyeur and just watching, judging, assuming and not participating? Have you made assumptions about people and decided that they were not good company?


Susan was spying on her friends on FB, Twitter and Instagram. She was noticing that one of friends Pam, a lawyer, who volunteers at the school and her children had numerous playdates with Susan’s kids. Susan thought, Pam, the person offline, was rather, conservative, controlled and not overly opinionated.  Pam and Susan had lunch with each other once every other month, she also, had family dinners together.  Susan was surprised that her friend Pam was completely different politically than Susan.  Pam’s religious views were very extreme, her retweets and post were in representation of her belief system. Pam also, shared and liked only articles regarding tragic events. Susan started to believe that Pam was a little bit negative, overly religious and a bit radical. She started thinking that Pam was a phony in public and her true view was behind the screen. Susan didn’t like this Pam on social media. She liked the Pam she saw in public. Susan was conflicted with her views of Pam regarding her social media presence versus the Pam she knew in person. Well, Pam was so tired of what she was reading that she stopped talking to Pam and she eventually decided to stop being friends with her. Pam’s core belief system was so disturbing to Susan that she could no longer talk to her face to face. The friendship so faded out.

Was Susan right to unfriend Pam offline?

sm like

  • What do your posts say about you?
  • What is your story?
  • Is your story the same in person compared to online?
  • Are you afraid to post because of what others may think about you?
  • Are you hiding your true beliefs from friends and coworkers in fear of judgment?
  • Do you  like something but prefer not to press like because others may see your interest?
  • How true are your assumption about your friends online?
  • Are you attracted to more heart breaking articles or creative, educational articles ?
  • Are you constantly judging, getting upset and even avoiding a friend because of their online presence.


I wonder, what people think of me and my online presence? Are they determining who I am because I am a blogger, avid poster, opinionated radio host and social personality?

Surprisingly sometimes, I say things on my radio show Timna Live http://www.blogtalkradio.com/timnalive for entertainment proposes to get a laugh or spice up the conversation but I don’t always believe in it.

I remembered when I started this blog, people thought I was revealing things about myself.  I love interesting topics and I love to write and talk about things that people say but, would never reveal to the average person.

the judging cat

Story #2

Jack met Sarah after a decade of not seeing each other and of course, connected on social media to keep in touch. The elections was the number one topic on social media! The news commentators were expressing their opinion and people were sharing their views online. Jack was a repeated offender of blasting his political views on Social Media. Sarah politely told him that he was extreme and making too much noise online regarding his beliefs. Jack was offended and unfriended her immediately and deleted her from his phone. Sarah was shocked! She thought aren’t we old enough to talk about our feelings! Well, she thought apparently not!

Wow… this is true! People are deleting, unfriend-ing because of views that they don’t agree with. However, what about the people who are silent, they just read everyone else’s post but are afraid to post themselves in fear of judgement or retribution?

IMG_5895In my opinion! That’s a shame!  (smile)

Don’t silenced because of assumptions and judgement of voyeurs.  I say, tell your story! Most people would appreciate knowing you  a little better and if they don’t like you, then that’s fine! Friends are like dating, sometimes we are a hit and sometimes we’re not. You know what some of us are meant to be seen not heard! Because we really don’t have anything good to say! Oh, unfollow those that leave you scratching your head or will make your day sad, angry, or just bad!

We all have a story! What’s your story?

Side Note: Just Don’t overly express yourself politically it’s still a sore-thumb in this world.





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