Reasons Why Men Pull Away

In our last conversation on The Show Timna UnCut we talked about “Why Men Pull Away!”

Click and Listen to the replay to laugh, ponder and even get mad about “The Reasons Why Men Pull Away.”

black male pulling away

After having this conversation on air it made me think about the correlations of “Why Men Pull Away” and “What Men Want.”


What men want?

black loving couple

  • Nuturing woman
    • Someone that men can be themselves with.
    • Someone who he can chill with and has is back.
  • Giving
    • Men want someone that wants to spend time with them and not be in a rush or time constraint. They don’t want short dates, sporadic dates that expand long periods of time (4 years dating and its going no where)
      • Side Note: If a guy only wants short dates (hit it and split), he is just not into you! He is dating another girl who he is spending his time with. TRUST ME!
  • Caring /Supportive
    • This woman is available and is looking to build him up when he is down.
    • She is someone that helps him to be a better person.
  • Giving their best
    • Men want a woman who’ll invest real time in the relationship.
    • Remember Ladies, this special gift is for the guy that appreciates you!
  • A Sensual Woman
    • Men want to receive and get sexual attention and affection.
    • Remember! This is the KEY to a man’s heart. LOL!!!
    • Ladies Put it on HIM!

manpulling away

Why men pull away?

  • Because the woman is NOT extraordinary.
    • She is Selfish, Materialistic, Over opinionated, Boastful, Undermining, Breaking Down his self confidence.
    • She is Not willing to shine in her best light.
  • The man is not feeling special in the relationship.
    • I think this sounds a little girlish to me but… is a real issue for some men. I had no idea!
  • Women are bullies.
    • These are women who become aggressive in the relationship.
    • Women who “tell” and not talk to their man.
    • They don’t have a true listening ear.
    • They’re Critics.
    • They’re Overbearing.
  • When the relationship starts to have two leaders.
    • No one is allowing the other person to drive, they’re fighting over the wheel.
    • There are no boundaries.
    • There are no defined roles in the relationship.
    • Lines are being crossed at all times.
  • When a woman’s feminine side is not pronounced.
    • I think this is a problem for very masculine men. (smile) What do you think?
  • Not feeling special
    • Everyone and everything seems get more priority over the relationship such as,  work, kids, family, friends etc.
  • Not submissive but dominate.

man in bed pulling away

“The Reasons Why men pull away,” I feel is a very interesting topic because, I realize the reason why men pull away are the same reasons why women pull away. If we look at the things we want it correlates to things that would prevent us from giving our all. We pull away in a relationship because we are lacking something critical from our partner. The signs are there, let your woman or man know and let’s talk 4 real about it!

We want, We can’t have, We pull away!


My After Thoughts:

IMG_4428The funny thing is that all the qualities that men want which is listed above and below are interesting because women want the same thing! We has human being are equal in our desires. I think we just think to hard about it! We also, place too many titles and expectations on our gender. We need to Relax, Revisit, Rename the word Man and Woman to person that needs love, understanding, commitment and communication. We need to understand the things that we are good at!  We need to come to a conclusion that we are a collaborative team without definitions or defined roles, just great traits that we can explore, build and rebuild to have a solid foundation. Talk 4 Real in Your Relationship! Think Team not ME!

  1. Great Character
  2. Affectionate / Sensual
  3. Shows Humility or is Laid Back
  4. Confident and Independant
  5. Intelligent
  6. Spontaneous / Adventurous
  7. Honest
  8. Supportive
  9. Not materialistic
  10. Respectful



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