2016 Making a Change in Your Relationship

Just a Thought!

The last few weeks, I must admit, I was not writing because I was focused on too many other things than actually focusing on the thing that should be my top priority like writing this blog (smile). Well, after beating myself up about not being consistent, I thought about relationships and how we sometimes  find ourselves prioritizing in a noneffective way. We push things aside go through the year procrastinating and focusing other commitments and task. We forget how to maintain a grow a healthy relationship. We stop prioritizing the important needs of our relationship to sustain it and help it to grow. So today, I ask you to start building the best relationship that you guys can have. You may ask how do I do that? Well, first let’s start off by working on the things that your partner or you know that is blocking the relationship to flourish healthy.


Do you find yourself, thinking about making a change in your relationship not really knowing how to?

Does your partner want you to stop doing something that is effecting the relationship? What is it?

Well, on our First Episode of 2016 on Timna UnCut, we discussed changing something in your relationship that you know that your partner would like you to change this new year.

The show was seriously funny because we realized that we know what we need to change but, some of us are not willing to change our behaviors or we don’t even understand the behavior. We got into a heated argument about snooping or not to snoop! Plus, if you snoop should you nag the person about what you have seen.

Press the link Below to listen! Trust me you will enjoy it!

: http://tobtr.com/8196465

Steps on How to Make a Change in Your Relationship


  • Ask yourself: What can we do to help our relationship to be best it cam be?
  • What should we do differently?
  • What should I do differently?
  • Then ask your partner what he/she would like for you to change in your relationship?
    • Side Note:  Now this may not work because, I asked my husband and  he told me that he wanted me to change  over scheduling on the weekends. “Let’s have quite weekends!” However, he didn’t ask me what I wanted him to change! And when I asked him why didn’t you ask me back he said, “Well, I don’t want to know how you want me to change.” #REALLY
    • “Oooooops! What?! What do you mean?” (smile)
    • Anyways, Ladies and Gentlemen…  I will revisit this question on another day! But for you TRY IT …You may be surprised.
  • Think about the things that your partner is frustrated about or has a repetitive discussions with you about. What would those top 3 things be?
  • Have a discussion around the top 3 things and how it affects the relationship and how both of you can make a change to make the relationship better.

Now, if you or your partner are not willing to change then, things will stay the same! Plus, both people must play a role in the change to make the situation successful.

Oh by the way, if he/she tells you their TRUTH, you shouldn’t get upset but, listen and reflect on the situation.

Just a Thought: Ask yourself: Am I really doing this way and is it really bothering him that much? Well, if you love him/her you would see what you can do to help this situation to be better.


Oh, I know that you may think you’re not the cause of any arguments or battles within the relationship but hmmmm… Think About It? People don’t get upset for no reason! (smile)

Plus, You’re Responsible for Your Happiness. If you can’t take responsibility for your happiness! Who will?

Stop Blaming others!


WHAT? #Really Timna… Do you really believe this? YES… You’re responsible for your happiness! Start taking responsibility for your JOY!

Think First, Assess the situation then React




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