The 6 Hour Date

“The 6 Hour Date”starts off with Dinner then, an activity such as the movies, then it ends with a night cap (lounge, bar, drinking etc.) There is no expectation of sex, just a Date to get to know one another.

This week on the Timna UnCut we went deep into the conversation about The 6 Hour Date. Prior to the show, I had several conversations with people about The 6 Hour Date. Last week was VERY INTERESTING!

The conversation first started when I was in LA. I asked my Best Friend’s sister and her friend; who by the way are in their early 30’s….

Couple in living room smiling

“When was the Last Time you were on a DATE?”

They replied: It is has been a while, men in LA don’t date, they just NetFlix and Chill. They like to smoke, relax and chill at the house. Or it’s just a hook-up!

I wondered:

  • Is it the women not asking for what they want?
  • Is the guy used to dating this way and not looking to do much more, because his/her expectations have been lowered?
  • It is complacency or is it just cost effective to chill?
  • Are people afraid to ask for what they want or are they unaware of The 6 Hour Date?

This led me to last week’s Show Topic on Timna UnCut! The 6 Hour Date

Oh by the way, I was at the hair salon and I asked a young guy  the same Question! and he said, “This is his Fantasy!” Someone to take  him out and get to know him for a long period of time without the expectations of quick sex. He told me that he has chosen to be single because of the hook-up scene. He stopped meeting people because the Gay community in Atlanta is about short term hook-ups or one activity date (a cafe or a drink or dinner or movie etc)  Never all three.

I wondered:

  • How can you be in a committed long term relationship when there are quick drive byes without an actual tour?
  • Is loneliness increasing in our society? Because of the lack of in-person verbal communication?
  • Is this only true for young adults?
    • I decided to continue my conversation with hopes of meeting people who were 40plus!

In the search of talking to older people. While traveling in Tennessee, I decided to venture into a local town restaurant/ bar. I started talking to people 50Plus. I asked them the same question; When was the last time you have been on a date with your partner?

OOOOOOH Boy! Why did I ask that!


The restaurant owner/bartender said, “DATE!” “Why should I go on a date with my husband! We work together, we see each other all of the time!”

Another Lady who sat next to me at the bar with her husband said, “Date” “We don’t Date! We are too old for that!”

The older guy, Tom next to me with a 15 year old younger wife said, “We have 2 small twins, we have NO time for dates!”

Only one guy saved me! He was a Director of a Mushroom Manufactory Plant. His wife is also an executive who travels internationally. He replied, “I plan dates with my wife all the time!” “I Love it” “We need dates to keep our relationship relative and our conversations current or we miss out on things, happening in our lives”

Well, Of Course, my new found friend David, the Mushroom Guy helped me to convince the others of the importance of dating in your relationship!

The Restaurant Owner’s Husband Peeked his head out of the office and said to me  “GET HER” meaning his wife. He was missing the dating aspect of his relationship. 😦  Plus, the Gentleman with the wife “on a non- date” Just smiled, while his wife complained. The Older man with the younger wife, had no idea of the importance and he immediately realized that he needed to hire a sitter for his boys.


The Take Away From All Of This Is:


If you want to have a 6 hour date, you need to set the expectation.

  • Ask or suggest The 6 Hour Date. (This can lead to a great conversation around the definition)
  • You can ask- Have you ever heard of a 6 Hour Date?
  • It doesn’t matter who plans The 6 Hour Date! You can choose to delegate or ask about splitting the bill. (only if money is a concern)
  • If you like this person, you want to get to know this person by having conversations, listening, answering and asking questions! You can do this!
  • Have FUN… When you are having fun…  just ask …. to extend it! WHY NOT!!!!
  • If he or she does not want to extend the fun! Look at the situation (work schedule, time limitations, availability, financial issues).  Or THEY’RE JUST NOT INTO YOU LIKE THAT! 
  • My mom always told me, if a man is into you, he wants to be around you!
  • Now The 6 hour Date can lead back to the house for Netflix and chill night. Remember the purpose is to get to know one another.

In A Relationship!

If you’re in a long term Relationship and you need a bit of a pick me up!


  • First, Dating is an important aspect in any relationship! Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not! If they do! Ask them, how is that going for you!? Not Dating! 🙂
  • Ask your partner to help you to plan a special date night.
  • Schedule it!
  • It’s not Rock It Science – It’s just rekindling your relationship
  • It can be as little as once every few months. BUT I suggest at least once a month! To keep it spicy and it helps to make it habitual.
  • This is the time when you have conversations about your week, your month, your vision, life plan, goals, aspirations, likes, dislikes etc.
  • It’s the time that you LET YOUR HAIR DONE and HAVE FUN!
  • Adult time!
  • Staycations are the best as well! (small vacation in your town or city)
  • IF you a couple that work together and just want to be at home for a moment. Plan a day together! Doing what you guys love to do! BUT TOGETHER!

WELL THIS IS JUST A LITTLE…. SOMETHING… SOMETHING.. to get you guys out of your comfort zone!

Good luck and listen to Timna UnCut The Show Below!


Listen to the Timna UnCut for further information on this conversation.

This Sunday Topic: The 6 hour Date! Is it Dead or Still Alive?

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