Emotional Affairs: Beneficial or Harmful

An “Emotional Affair” is an affair between two people, it is just as sensual as an sexual affair with no actual SEX. 

On last’s weeks show, Timna UnCut we had a discussion about Emotional Affairs in your single life, dating and committed relationships.

Things that we learned:



Emotional Affairs can cause your relationship to get spicier!

For Example:

  • If you are missing an emotional connection with your partner (non communicator, introvert vs extrovert, desires you less or not enough) However, you and your partner LOVE each other. You are great companions even friends. Your partner is just is lacking that UMPH that you need to spark your day. So, you seek this from another person. Not saying that you wish to leave your partner or cheat physically.
  • The Emotional Affair, allows you to express yourself, your vision, your emotions or even allow you to just have a listening ear. The person who you go to concerts (activities or special interest)  with but your partner is disinterested.
  • You LOVE your partner but, your needs are not being met. Some of your needs are being met by someone else therefore, it is an Emotional Affair.  You become happier and more excited about your life. Because you are being heard or appreciated in some way. Your MUSE!
  • You are aware of this relationship and it’s purpose without taking away from your current relationship. (controlled)

Harmful Effects-

Emotional Affairs can cause your Relationship to weaken!

For Example:

  • If you desiring someone else other than your partner for Emotional support or connection it can cause distance from your partner. Your interest in sharing your deep thoughts, feelings, experiences with someone else draws you to disconnect and move away from your partner.
  • Silent texts, getting dressed up, awaiting conversations, picking up the phone to share good or bad news before sharing with your partner.
  • You noticing your lack of interest in the current Relationship.
  • You loose control of the situation and it becomes more of a Relationship that you dream of than your current Relationship.
  • You cross the line with heavy flirtation and your partner is uncomfortable with the friendship.
  • Your partner starts to feel threaten by your “Friendship”!

FullSizeRender 2

So Is It Cheating? Somewhat depends on who you ask!

What is worst and Emotional affair or a Sexual affair? Both can affect your current Relationship in a negative way.  However, the consensus from talking to people is that, if you gave your heart to someone then the emotional affair is worst. 

How can you stop your Emotional Affair or Leading your friendship into an Emotional Affair?

  1. Stop talking about anything deep to a person that you have an initial attraction to physically or mentally. 
  2. Stop spending a lot of emotional energy on this person. 
  3. Make a point to find ways to spend time with your partner!
  4. Share yourself with your partner about the things that are missing in your Relationship!
  5. Express normally as you would if your partner was there or not with your friend.
  6. Don’t share feeling of your marital issues! Save that for the same sex friend or if you are Gay a person that you are not attracted to!
  7. Check How many times you are TEXTING your friend compared to your partner!
  8. If you are spending a lot of time email and texting STOP!  Control YOURSELF and Limit your interaction to 2X a week for example.
  9. Get another way to find your emotional high! Talk to a COACH…. You can share everything with that person! It’s a business transaction! LOL



 What lead you to have an emotional affair? Is it affecting your judgement or relationship?

Know who you are?

What you want?

How you get there?

Answer these questions when you are fighting with the decisions that you make. This will bring clarity in your life and your world.

Listen to the Timna UnCut for further information on this conversation.

This Sunday Topic: The 6 hour Date! Is it Dead or Still Alive?

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