Mother! Who am I?

Today I wanted to write a blog about the word Mother and what this word means to me.


When I think of the word mother, many words come to mind. The first word that I thought of was courageous! Then one word after another started to flood my mind.

  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Spontaneous
  • Movement
  • Life
  • Balance
  • GiverIMG_4778
  • Empowerment
  • Super
  • Kind
  • Gentle
  • Fearful and Fearless
  • Committed
  • Confident
  • Intentional
  • Boss Lady (smile)
  • Disciplinarian
  • Friend
  • Confidant

The list can go on and on! Some people may even add some funny, non-traditional or negative words on this list. Hmmm… unwavering, forgetful, argumentative, tactful, tactless, deviant, hardworking, emotional, non-emotional, sportive, lazy etc. (Just Keeping it Real)!


When I think of my mother, I think of a woman who is honest, caring, giving, historian, God-fearing, tactful and sometime tactless,  religious, demanding, blunt, hardworking, wordy, humble and grateful! Now, I hope you realize not all of my descriptive words were positive, but this is who she is a strong Afro, Caribbean, Latino woman who is awesome. She is amazingly imperfect. She taught me to be BOLD, CONFIDENT, LOVING, CARING, HUMBLE, GRATEFUL, SUCCESSFUL, FORCEFUL, GIVING, UNWAVERING AND POLITE WHEN I AM NOT ANNOYED.

The 20 best advice my mom gave me:

  1. To be myself
  2. Don’t follow others
  3. Save money
  4. Be smart financiallyIMG_3308
  5. Look at your future
  6. Never let someone talk badly about you
  7. Your name is important and unique to you
  8. Be God-fearing
  9. Trust the Lord in all of your understanding, in other words, trust your gut when making decisions
  10. Love your environment because you never know when tragedy will hit
  11. Be conscious of your spending, and save for a rainy day
  12. Don’t live up to the Jones’ even if you can afford it
  13. Don’t lend money to friends and family expecting to get paid back… Give a gift, if that is what you want to do!
  14. Know where you are heading and keep your head up! (Keep your eyes on the prize)
  15. Invest!
  16. Retire Early – Do what you love! Be smart!
  17. Be educated – Knowledge is power! Get Your PHD… (I have my Masters – LOL)
  18. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. “The less credit you have the better off you will be!”
  19. Let a man love you more than you love him! (Respect is the key!)
  20. Make sure, you let a man, be a man!

I love my mom!  I hope that my kids feel the same about me!

Being a mother is HARD, TIRING, A LEARNING EXPERIENCE & FABULOUS, I never thought that I could love someone THIS MUCH! I love my girls!




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