Is Social Media Causing You to be Judge Judy?

Samantha, opens her Facebook account and noticed that her best friend Kamila took a picture with a guy that she used to date. Samantha immediately got mad and decided to de-friend Kamila because she assumed that Kamila betrayed her. She did not feel the need to ask any questions. The picture told it all. Samantha thought that “my best friend is in a relationship with my x”.

Who made Samantha the judge of Kamila? Why didn’t Samantha notice that Rick posted the picture? Why was she so quick to judge the situation based on a photo?

mad at phone 2

Maybe Samantha’s x-boyfriend  wanted to get her upset by posting the picture because he knew she was a jealous person.

Social Media is the gateway to the world around us. There are 1.3 Billion Users on FaceBook.  In January 2015, it was reported that there are 300 million Instagram users. Recently, it was reported that there are over 640 million registered Twitter users.

The reason for these astronomical numbers are because we are drowned by the fashion, style, horror, unexpected behaviors and laughs of people we know or would like to know. We idol our minds with several micro minutes of information. We look for the negative and positive in what is written or seen. We judge what we see whether good or bad. We build assumptions about the people and the world around us. We decide on who will be hired, who will be fired, who is acceptable to be our friends and who is deemed as radical, immoral, reckless, depressed, happy, joyous, well-traveled, family person, business minded etc. We judge and make our decision quicker than ever before on just one photo or video.

What assumptions have you built?

JudgeInteresting Random Information:

  • Social Media sites can lead to stress and relationship problems.
  • Social Media can help people in improving relationship by accessing old and building new networks.
  • The first concept of FaceBook was to judge people on being “Hot or Not”. Hmmm…
  • 52% of young adults use SM sites to help build and improve relationships with friends
  • 15% of Adult SM users experienced some level of negative behavior on a social networking site that caused the breakup of a relationship (2012 Pew Internet Report)
  • 88% of People stay in touch with friends that they are unable to see on a regular basis.
  • 12% of people had a situation online that caused a face to face argument because of judgement.
  • People define their relationships with online activity.
  • People judge relationships on profile pictures and status update (should I date or hire this person based on their status update or their lack of presence on social media? Why are you hiding?)


She lives nice
What is your assumptions?

The Assumption: She lives in a nice house, she must be rich! Wow, I want to date her, hire her, be her, hate her, de-friend her because she has more or less than me,  I want to be her friend, etc.

The Actual Fact: That is a model home, she loves this home and takes various pictures to post on Social Media. (haaa…haaa, that me, and I am in a model home)


The Assumption: He looks so professional, man I would love to hire him to DJ at my next event.

The Actual Fact: He just started and needs experience and this professional picture will get him gigs.


The Assumption: This guy parties too much! I would never hire him because, he is into heavy metal, he may use recreational drugs and he is not the best fit for our conservative corporate culture.

The Actual Fact: That this guy is an excellent, dedicated, hard-working person and is a nonsmoker and nondrinker. He likes to let loose on his spear time to relieve stress. This does not mean that he is no better or less than the person that listens to non-secular music all day and hides their habit of getting high.

thinking Timna

In Summary:

The information that we receive, can only be processed from a certain amount of knowledge and information. The average person uses their past experiences to define or come to a conclusion about images they see. Social Media and the images that we see can distort our views of what is reality and what is subjective judgement. We take in a limited amount of information at a time which causes us to come to a quick conclusion. Take a moment and get to know someone off-line and try not to judge them 100% on the things that you see on SM.

Small Note: Human behavior is to judge, if you do not want people to view you in a certain way, then don’t post it. (smile) Plus, don’t use SM to destroy or determine meaningful relationships!


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