Are You Addicted to Your Problems?

Today is a new day! Hmmm…. We say this but, do we really mean it!

Have you truly looked at your situation and decided to make some changes to reflect the new you that you hope to become. Or Is it a new day for the problems that you have?  If so, can you be addicted to your problems?

older woman

Google’s Definition of Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Many would report that Addiction is mainly regarding something that is visible.  So, what is an Addiction to a problem?

An addiction to a problem is when people:


  1. Complain about the same SHIT over and over again with no resolution!
  2. Are excited to discuss their problem with everyone and anybody that would listen.
  3. Know how to solve the problem but, decide not to because they get sympathy for the problem (attention seeking)
  4. Surround themselves around the problem then it becomes their identity.
  5. Look for the problem. They seek to be apart of the problem, they surround themselves with others with the problem whether conscience or unconsciously.
  6. Can not release or resolve the problem because it will change the role the person has within the relationship or environment the problem exist in. (What else is there for me to do?)
  7. Can not change because not having the problem may cause loneliness (lack of attention) (I am not a victim so no one cares)
Are you Addicted?


  • You have a general problem and that problem consumes you; you then become the problem.
  • You seek attention because you get sympathy and attention for the problem, which you may not normally get. This is something that you can talk to friends, colleagues and family about.
  • You matter to others because you are dealing with the problem that others may find difficult or daunting.
  • It is a part of your routine.
  • You are bored and this is exciting, whether it’s negative or positive
  • My life is more exciting because the problem has a reason for me to socialize; it created a position for me; I am important.
  • I know about the problem, therefore, I become an expert to the problem. I am the go to person for the problem. I am the problem!

    wings lady

Now that I know that I am Addicted to the Problem how do I free myself?

I am not going to lie. This is a hard one! 


  • First thing, have an awareness of the problem. Know that you have an addiction to it.
  • Examples of problems: Not having a significant other, Not having a job, Having a chronic sick animal, Being sickly, Having a house that is decrypted, or Having a sibling, child, family member or parent that is needy.

Ask Yourself….

  1.  What would be my ideal self without the problem?
  2. How is the problem affecting me and my environment?
  3. How would it be affected without the problem?
  4. Can I Free myself of the problem?
  5. Can I envision myself solving the problem?
  6. Is it affecting me and the people around me i.e.: my relationships, my kids, my work, my friendships and the relationship with myself?
  7. Am I affecting those around me to the point that no one wants to be around me?

blue bus


How would you rate yourself and your problem?

Do you see it as a problem that is affecting the people around you and your environment?

What energy are you living in? (Negative or Positive) How does that affect you?

So the Question is: How do you handle the problems without it consuming you and allowing it to take on its own identity?

thinking Timna

OK! If this problem that you have is weighing you down then you need to reconsider if you should mentally hold onto it much longer. Is your health suffering? Is your relationship on the rocks? Are your friends tired of listening to your same old drama? Are you getting negative attention for the problem?

The problem may be real and consuming but try to focus on the good things around you like your love ones, pet, kids, friends, hobbies, work, and colleagues. Stop talking about the problems, start talking about the good thing in life. Count your blessing focus on the horizons and the things to come. If you look at the negativity, negativity will always surround you. When you look at the positive, beautiful things around you will start to blossom.


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