5 Unrealistic Things that Men want from Women in their Relationship

The other day, a friend and I were at lunch and we talked about the expectations that men have regarding their significant other.

5 Unrealistic Things that Men want from Women in their Relationship

1.  Be My Geisha:

geisha_02Traditional Japanese female entertainer who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation.

Translated:  Perform and bow with no true opinion! In two words: Agreeable and Subservient

The Thought: Love me and stroke my ego, I am the man of your dreams.

In Reality: Women want to have opinions. Did you forget about women rights?

A Real Expectation: Is being with  a woman who will cater to you as her equal. Communicate effectively and build. Strengthens the man as a person, and not break him down. In one word a Supporter!

2. Be My Mother:


A women who inhabit or perform the role of taking care of a child or the act of bring up a child with care and affection. “the art of mothering”

Translated:  Taking care of a person and making sure that they are safe in despite of yourself. The perfect woman! hmm… Let me give you some examples: Picking up after you, helping you tidy your mess, washing, cleaning, cooking, running your bathwater, rubbing your wounds etc. By the way, some of these things can be given without thought and it is fine and dandy… BUT there is a thin line between a maid, a mother and a wife/girlfriend!

In Reality: Most women do not want to be your mother! A good woman wants to be your partner. Being on the same team!

A Real Expectation: Is being with a woman who will be a great mom to your children and that cares about your well being. (VISA VERSA) Someone who loves you, but doesn’t baby or nag you.

3. Be My Innocent Virgin Mary:


In three simple words: The Blessed Virgin

The Urban Dictionary defines a Virgin Mary as a virgin woman who takes it in the butt and still claims her purity.  OOOPS… Really.. Hmmm..

Translated: A  woman who is untouched, unspoiled and unused.

In Reality: Let’s think about it, how many women are virgins in today’s society above the age of 25? This expectation of men wanting a virgin or untouched, puts a lot of pressure on the women to lie about how many sexual partners they’ve been with. “I slept with 2 people” but in actuality it was 30 shhh…

A Real Expectation: Is being with a woman who is virtuous; an upstanding and honorable person.

Statistics For People Waiting Before Marriage

4. Be My Arm Candy- A Woman That is Smart, Crafty, a Homemaker and Oh Of Course Pretty!:

June Cleaver


Can my lady be like June or Clair?

June is dedicated to her family; her interests outside the home are social events like weddings or school events like meetings and plays. She has ladylike pastimes: needlepoint, cake decorating, and arranging tea roses. She reads glossy but high-toned, tasteful women’s magazines.

Clair Huxtable is the elegantly tough, eloquent, and engaging wife. She is known for her relaxed confidence. Clair can also be playful and silly. She is an intelligent, classy, and successful businesswoman. She is a housewife, turned Lawyer.

Translated: A woman who does it all with a SMILE! AND is never tired.

In Reality: The average woman today is neither June, nor Clair. 90% of women with higher professional careers have help! Whether it is the daycare, a nanny or family. They order food from outside and come home tired. The small percent of women who are at home in today’s society are obsess with reality TV, internet, volunteering at school and other distractions from the home. If they are June or Clair, they are most likely popping pills or drinking… LAUGHING.. No one wants to be in a golden cage and bored. Hmmm… Wait… however, there are some women that are super HAPPY with being June and Clair. But we are talking about 90% of women.

A Real Expectation: Is being with a woman is conscious of her environment has work/life balance with your help. In other words, TEAM WORK!

5. Be My Sex Slave

Enslave Me Baby!Urban Dictionary: A person that assumes a subordinate manner/position and performs sexual acts for the “Dominant” partner.

Translated: Sex Slave! Be ready when I am ready! My Fantasy, Stripper etc.

In Reality:  Most women do not sign up to be a sex slave. They are excited about their relationship and would satisfy their mate. But in realty sexual intercourse in a relationship more than 4 times a week is super low (smile)! The Highest percentage based on research is a few times in a month or weekly at 43% for age 30-39 in women and in men 39% for age 30-39 which is on average 2 to 3 times a week. This is according to the NSSHB, 2010, Report.

A Real Expectation: Is being with a woman who is sexually into you and you into her.

Question to ask oneself 

Where did the notion come from that a woman must cater to a man?

Final Thought

We just have to be true to ourselves and our expectations of our current partner or soon to be partner. We are not perfect. Just like men, women have unrealistic expectations for their partner.  JUST BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!



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