Addicted, The Movie… Are you Addicted?

Addicted is a jaw-dropping sexual thriller based on the best-selling novel by Zane. The movie is about a successful, married business woman who is drawn to fulfill a burning desire for passion. She was ready to lose everything for the thrill, the hunt and the seduction that she was craving. She cheated with not one but two sexy men. She needed more and wanted more. She was unable to stop!

JUST A NOTE: This blog post is not here to spoil the outcome of the movie, I am writing to discuss the thought process behind her action.

Are You Addicted?

Addicted to the sex, passion or addicted to the thrill of the hunt?

The Research Response:

Addiction Behavior is a behavior that is both rewarding and reinforcing despite the adverse consequences.


  • Wanting more, needing more, and risking it all to have it all.
  • Not having the ability to see the consequences of your actions.
  • Loosing yourself because of the high you get from the thrill of the unknown or taboo behavior.

Both Men and Women at some point in their lives fall into the trap of the feeling of wanting and needing more. When passion is no longer a part of the relationship, people find themselves getting bored in their routine. Some start to look or crave for something to satisfy their empty void.  Many avoid or bury the feeling. Others, find solace in religion.

30-40% of Americans act upon their feelings because of situational hazards, relationship mismatch, transitional stages in life and just plain “old boredom”.


You may be wondering,  “Why would someone do such a thing?” “How could she get so caught up with another person” “Why would this person ruin a perfect relationship and neglect her home/work environment?”

These are good questions and you can ask the same questions to a person popping pills, drinking, doing drugs, or gabbling. Why do they do the things that they do? The answer is pure and simple: THE LACK OF….



Believe it or not, the feeling of a lack of passion, routine, boredom or emptiness in a so-called “perfect relationship” is natural.  

Although, everything seems perfect, she may question herself.  “Is this my life?” “Is this my true-self?” “Am I living someone else’s dream?” “Do I need to break out?” or “Is the routine simply getting to me?”


The need for passion is a revelation of self!

Women and Men get bored in their relationship and search for an out!

Things People  feel or say when they have a lack of passion:

  • I feel like life is standing still. I am in a great relationship; however, I still want more.
  • I don’t care! – I don’t care what the other person is doing. I am giving up. My partner can do what they want!
  • Being attractive is overrated I decided to give up on being attractive. I look like shit and just don’t care.
  • This is a great Friendship – We are friends not lovers.
  • I watch Sexual TV or Porn because it takes me away from the reality of it all.
  • If a great guy/girl with money comes along…”I just don’t know”
  • I Dream or Fantasize about other people.
  • I try to keep myself out of that type of situation. I don’t want to eat from the forbidden fruit.



How can you change without hurting yourself and others?



Timna The Coach Response

First ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you honest to yourself?
  • Are you voicing your true feelings to your mate?
  • Are you living your life in way you feel you are meant to live?
  • Are you ignoring the cues?
  • Are you honest with yourself  and how can you avoid getting in trouble?

Answer with truth and clarity!

Define what you want and where you want to go!

Timna’s Girlfriend in her pocket Response


My True Take on This Movie and The Situation:

The acting really SUCKED! This was B movie. The Premise of the movie was great. After the movie I received a good deal of questions from Mr. Swiss. It was a true opportunity to discuss what women desire and want. Plus, I had a hard look at myself and the women around me.

The lack of passion, plus, the right person and at the wrong time, can make someone lose their mind!

  • Women are just as sexual as men.
  • This is a double edge sword!
  • Don’t be surprise women want that touch from someone else just as much as men!
  • Plus, why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Lack of respect, acknowledgement and communication!

If we communicate, express and acknowledge our  feeling then more marriages/ committed relationships would stay together.

Realistically, RESPECT is the KEY WORD! Set expectations, it is only cheating when you lie!

Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t take this feeling lightly, talk about it, ask for a card if you need one! Hopefully, you or your mate can handle the conversation. The truth is, lying only causes drama in your relationship. We all want that passionate kiss, touch etc. but what are we willing to lose to gain it. Hmmmm…

F all the bullshit! Do you really want to destroy what you have?


The need for passion is a revelation of self!



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