My Friend is Weighing Me Down; What Should I Do?

The Girls

People have the tendency of taking on more than they can chew, when it pertains to friends. We are obligated to the friendship. The friendship is our habit. However, like everything else habits can be broken.

We also, have a fear of the unknown. Will I have another relationship like this? Am I moving into uncharted territory?

Remember all relationships are not POSITIVE or BUILDING.

It’s OK to release negative energy and place this person on notice!!!

Types of Friends Friendships

We all have friends that do different things for us, so here is my description of friends.

  • The Truth Teller – This person tells you the brutal truth. The Truth Teller can also be the person that can bring the worst out of you (your insecurities), also this person can be down right rude. However, the Truth Teller can be the only person that is non-judmental and cares about the person you really are. They are REAL.
  • The Attention Seeker  There can be two different types: The person that needs the spot light and then there is the person that is very needy. Hmmm… Both can be overwhelming!!
  • The Observer- This person is here, but not there. This person may know more that you think, but choose to follow. This person is the one that loves to listen, but doesn’t talk. They live their lives through you.
  • The Motivator- This person is your ROCK! Your biggest fan… However, this person may not always tell you the truth and they may motivator you in the wrong directions. BUT They have your BACK!
  • The Fun in the Sun– This person is READY TO PARTY. He/She is full of fun! Makes you laugh and will always cheer you up. However, this person can get you in trouble, doing thing that are risky and unconventional. The party is ALWAYS ON!
  • The Family Member– This person is the person that you have known forever, he/she is like family. They are your extended family member. They come with all the good and bad you just love them.
  • The Jealous One- This person is the person that talks about everyone else behind their backs. They do not wish anyone well. They are pure negativity. We call this person “RED EYES” (smile)… They are just bitter, an angry people inside, but  outside they have a smile on their face.
  • The Leader– This person is wisdom, whether good or bad, you feel like they know what is best. If you have a friend as a leader you know you are taking the followers role…. YES, I SAID IT! and NO you can not have two leaders (smile)!


So, now we know the different types of friends. Let`s check out, what we should do about the one that is weighing you down!

Friends should bring joy in your life not stress.
Friends should bring joy in your life not stress.

Complete this activity.  You may be surprise what you will find! Comment Below!!! I would love to hear from you.

Plus, which friend are you and do you need to revamp how you show up as a friend?




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