The Discovery Call

Have you ever thought about picking up the phone and calling someone who you wanted to ask a burning question?


Malina cringed as she picked up the phone to call her husband’s lover. She asked herself… “Why am I calling her? “What will I say?”  “What will I get out of this call?”

She knew this call was not an easy call to make. Melina was calling a person who contributed to her broken heart. Malina had a burning question festering inside of her. The only question she truly wanted to ask  was “While you were with him, did my husband speak ill of me?” She couldn’t believe this was the one question she wanted to ask. He cheated on her and yet she felt as though she contributed to the whole damn thing. He was the cheating bastard and all she could must up she could worry about was her own reputation and what he thought of her? Suddenly, the other line began to ring as her heart began to race…

She heard the other woman answer and the conversation began…


Should I Call?
Should I Call?

Malina:   “Hello is this Sheila?”

Sheila: “Yes, How can I help you?”

Malina: “Well, I am Jamal’s wife, he was having an affair with you.”

Sheila: “Listen, I am not trying to fight with you. Why are you calling me? Jamal wanted me and I wanted him. That is the facts! Plus what did Jamal tell you?”

Malina: “Listen, I am not trying to fight with you as well, I just had one question. Did Jamal talk bad about me? What went wrong?”

Sheila: “He was upset about the way you were treating him and nagging him all the time and how you focused too much on your work and the kids. You gave him little to nothing of yourself. He wanted a real woman to please him!”

Malina: “I love my man and my family. I ask that you not destroy this relationship and to move on to another person. We have children and we are rebuilding our relationship. Leave him alone! You are just his left – overs when he was unable to get it from me. Thanks for the info, but no thanks for the drama! Good Bye!”


Malina, was satisfied that she spoke to Sheila, but she also realized that the affair was real. A familiar feeling came across her body. The feeling of hurt and betrayal.      It felt like the first time when she found out. The loss of trust. The only thing that made her feel better was that she made the call and that was over. That chapter was close. But was it really???

“The Discovery Call” can be a call made by one person to another person who might hold the answers to a particular question.

Was Malina right to call the other woman? Did she truly get the answer that she was seeking or did she just open Pandora’s box?

What would you do?

Upon Conducting some internet research , I discovered that many women would actually shy away from making this type of call.   I also found some interesting answers to the question, “Should I call the other woman?”

Some recommendations I found are as follows (and I must admit, they are ridiculous!)

  • Don’t call have them take a lie detector test – Really DUDE, if you are going to put so much energy in asking the person to take a lie detector test then it is over! You have lost all trust, so don’t waste your time or money. Plus you know the person did something, therefore, the question is do you forgive and get counseling or stress-out and dismiss.
  • Don’t call, call the persons spouse or parter. The recommendation continues to say to let the other party partner know the situation. I think,  forget this one, because you will look stupid or you may get a reply that would leave you speechless. In addition, you can make the situation worst.


Discovery?? or Rabbit Hole??


Some Advise I think is Cool! Yes from Timna

  • Stay calm don’t do anything during your time of rage or anger.
  • Think through the process before making that call.
  • Think about what you want from the call.
  • Understand the answers may still be lies.
  • Know that the other party may have their own motives in revealing intimate details.
  • Your questions may never be answered so don’t be surprised.
  • Every question and every answer can bring about a different reaction to the situation and you may wonder even further after the call has ended.
  • You may not want to call if emotions are strong and you may lose it!

It is completely up to you, if you want to make a Discovery Call. Don’t let anyone sway you from either making the call or not. There is no right or wrong choice. The only choice is yours and the outcome is unpredictable. Just stay level headed and talk about your feelings.

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