♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Is it Men or is it Women, who is more sexual? What do you think?

What is on your mind?

So on the above picture many of you thought WTH, then started to laugh. You may have even asked yourself “Why is she sitting like that?” “That looks so sexual” “Doesn’t she know that this might be really sexual from the perspective of the person walking behind her.”

Well, we all thought about something, some of us even thought about something naughty. I wonder, was it the men looking at this picture or the women that thought of something naughty (smile).

Let’s talk about men versus women and their thoughts or habits around sex.



I hope, we all by now know what is sex…  We know that sexual behavior and thoughts are human nature. It is also the nature of other living species.  Sex is natural, animalistic in nature and it is a want.

 Men versus women?


  • Women think about sex almost as much as men do! Now, do they act upon their sexual desire, is another question.
  • Recently a survey was conducted by Ohio State University, which suggested that college age female students think about sex 10 times a day compared to men at 19 times per day.
  • Women are more likely to think about sex, but not act upon it. The reason is that women are more particular about their partners than men. Plus they are more aware of societies view points on women’s sexual behavior.
  • Women have the tendency to withhold their true thoughts on intimacy when compared to men in many studies.
  • Women are driven by society to be less sexual.
  • Children, stress of work, responsibilities, fatigue, weight gain, body image, or child-birth may cause women to be less sexual in their behavior, however articles in many women magazines for the age 30 & up  have suggested women have high levels of inner sexual thoughts and desires.
Hmmm, What is she think or doing?


After researching this topic, I noticed that people are still using the notion that men think about sex every 7 seconds which would amount to more than 8,000 thoughts about sex within 16 waking hours. This is ridiculous!  I would prefer to reference back to the study conducted by  Dr. Terri Fisher, professor of Psychology at Ohio State University  in 2011 which says the previous notion of 7 secs is false.

Is she annoyed or just tired?
Is she annoyed or just tired?
  • Men think about sex “a lot”
  • According to the Kinsey Report (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male), 54% of men think about sex several times a day, 43% think about it a few times a week and 4% less than once a month.
  • Dr. Diana Fleischman, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Portsmouth, was quoted in a recent article published by the Telegraph stating,“If a man has sex with 100 women in a year, he might have 100 babies. If a woman has sex with 100 men in a year, she might have one baby and a very sore bottom.” I thought this was interesting.
  • Men are more motivated to have sex or think about sex because they have less responsibility about it. What do you think?
  • Articles have suggested that men especially gay men compared to gay women have random or more sexual partners, because men are more animalistic in nature. They want more short-term gratification than women.
  •  Men sexual habits are based on the amount of people who are willing to take part in the act. WHAT? So they are saying… If you (the woman) want it, I (the guy) am willing to give it! hmmm… ok

Are you surprised by this?

My Thoughts:

  • Men and women have the want and the need, to make love.
  • Younger people think about sex more often and act on their thoughts because they have less responsibilities (this is my assumption). In addition, younger people are excited about their new freedom of sexual exploration so they want to poke everything (LOL).
  • Mid-age people think about sex just as often as young people, but may not act upon it because they have more responsibilities plus think of the risk involved. Plus, mid-age know what they want and more apt to be more selective about their sex partner.
  • Older people think about sex; however, may not have the opportunity to act upon it because of vitality or the abundance of prospects to do it. Some women tend to lose sex drive due to menopause and men due to prostate problems. However, they are still thinking about it!
  • In summary, we all think about it! Whose to know how much we actually think about it because we all lie about how much we actually think about it! (LOL)… Side Note: This bullet is a comedic response!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts!

Enjoy and protect yourself with a condom!


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