The Discovery Call

Have you ever thought about picking up the phone and calling someone who you wanted to ask a burning question? Malina cringed as she picked up the phone to call her husband’s lover. She asked herself… “Why am I calling her? “What will I say?”  “What will I get out of this call?” She knew… Continue reading The Discovery Call

♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

Is it Men or is it Women, who is more sexual? What do you think? So on the above picture many of you thought WTH, then started to laugh. You may have even asked yourself “Why is she sitting like that?” “That looks so sexual” “Doesn’t she know that this might be really sexual from… Continue reading ♂ vs ♀ Who Are More SEXUAL?

The Secret Relationship with Myself

Hi, I am Stephanie, a Marketing Manager for Jack in The Box clothing line.  To the world I am considered a mover and shaker, nothing seems to bother me. I am confident, driven, focus and committed to others. I am in constant movement. I am the person you call when you need something to be… Continue reading The Secret Relationship with Myself