40 & Bored

Hitting 40 does something to people whether you like it or not!

I am 40!
I am 40!

Rick a vibrant, fit, handsome, successful man, came home one day to his empty house and wondered, WHAT HAPPENED? He turned 40 and said to himself, how did I get to this point in my life, I have no one in my house. No Partner, No kids, No Pets, Just work… He asked himself  “Is this me?” He sat on the couch and realized, I am unfulfilled and I need to add love in my life. He wondered, How can I become more fulfilled?


Jackie a successful businessperson came home one day to her partner, kids, dog and mini van and wondered, what else is out there. WHAT HAPPENED to my life? She was tired of the same old day-to-day activities of home and work. She felt like something was missing. She wanted to venture out and try something new. She wanted do something interesting. She wanted to regain some part of herself that was unfulfilled and buried in daily routines. She asked herself, “How can I be more fulfilled?”

Jumping Into the Unknown
Jumping Into the Unknown

 Here are the 5 most common acts of  “the midlife crisis cry-out”

  • You decide to buy something ridiculous and over priced (a spectacle).
  • You leave or cheat on your partner with a younger more vibrant person.
  • You trade-in your car for a younger vibrant one.
  • You decide to venture out and do something that you have never done before.
  • If you are a person who  is child free or has yet to be married, you start the search for a life partner or want to start a family (The HUNT IS ON!)



Strange emotions can happen to people when they turn 40.

  • People revisit the past such as childhood or think of unfinished goals or desires. “I was not allowed to do…!”, “My parents were not supportive!” etc.
  • People feel established and accomplished “YIPPY, but I want more!”
  • Others want to take a step to carry out desired professional goals. “Unfinished Business!”
  • Many are settled and complacent awaiting for the future of  retirement. “I hate my Job!, but…”


 Now, Does turning 40 give you the right to go crazy?  Well, hmmmm…

* How do we create a change in a positive way?

  • If you don’t like your job, look for a plan to CHANGE IT… start making a list of the desired skills, hours, workload that you want. Then search for jobs/careers that you envision that encompasses those desires. Then start making that change… YOU STILL HAVE 20 plus years to be in another job or career.
  • Make peace with your childhood issues by getting therapy or JUST GROWING THE F-UP! We can not change the past ONLY MOVE FORWARD with the future.
  • Bored! with life, then GET UP AND GET OUT! The world is waiting for you to live in it! Stop Existing! Start Living!

    Stomp On Belief Systems that are holding you down
    Stomp on Belief Systems that are holding you down!
  • STOMP on belief systems that are holding you down! You want a mate that will fulfill you, then start fulfilling yourself. When you change, the people around you will see a difference then the right things will start coming your way! Speak it then it will come! However, be realistic. Realism is the key. You can not get a 10 when you are a 2 or can you? If you are funny with money, anything can happen! or if you are witty and confident the sky is the limit. All hope is not lost for those who are none of the above! Trust me there is someone out there looking for someone like you! Just start looking at people with new lenses! Go older or younger, bigger or smaller, lighter or darker. hmmm…. The possibilities are endless.


Stop asking the question Who am I? and What do I want?

 You are 40 GO GET IT!




photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/danorbit/1814156778/”>danorbit.</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;



2 thoughts on “40 & Bored

  1. I love this post! It made me laugh because I just hit 40 and can easily see how life and routine creeps up causing you to ask questions about your lot. To avoid that potential ‘crisis’ moment, I think the key is to not let yourself be put in a box and not to let fear influence the decisions you make. Here’s to the 40s being amazing, filled with love, great people and challenging experiences!

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