Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?

This is a funny, touchy but interesting subject. I have thought about this subject for some time now and honestly I am glad that I researched it.

Here is my story about make-up:


When I was a teen, my parents adopted a religion that denounced MAKE-UP on women. As a teen, I sometimes wondered, ” Which guy came up with this rule!” Many or almost all the women looked DRAB, life less, without fun in their face. I always thought, why can’t these women put a little something on? Something natural, that would give their face life. I was not an advocate for full make-up as a teen because, I never saw my neighbor without make-up.  I could go to her house in the morning and she was fully decked out in eye shadow, false eyelashes, lipstick, blush, the whole “sha-bang-bang”. I always thought, about her kids, husband, close friends, have they seen her without make-up? What does she look like without make-up? Who is she? I was dying to find out, I would ring her doorbell all hours of the day, just to see if I can see her without make-up. Well, sadly that never happened! DARN, I really wanted to see she the true her.  So, to make a long story short, I was on torn between using make-up to look fabulous or no make-up to be natural. I found a happy medium, lipstick in several shades that I liked, mascara to define my lashes and eyeliner when I want to look sleek and sexy. Anyways, now I will go into the juicy stuff now!



Your first thoughts when seeing the above picture.. hmmm.. Is she pretty with the make-up or without? Would I date her with or without make-up ? Would I even look at her in passing without? Does she seem approachable with or without make-up?

There is you-tube video showing examples of how people look without make-up and how they can be transformed into someone completely different with contouring and applying layers of make-up. This is a bit disturbing to some people and artistic or creative to others. The average person, I would say, wears a little something when going out to a special occasion or meeting someone for the first time (date). Then there is a percentage of those who can not live with out it. There is also a true disparity of US resident from those living in the Northeast compared to the West and Midwest about beauty. The Northeasters uses 8-12 products in the morning compared to 0-3 products out West in the A.M. Huffington Post states that there was a study conducted by  StumbleUpon that 72 percent of 25-year-olds use only 0-3 products beauty product in the AM. This is interesting, but I wonder what are the statistics for women over 30?

Women thoughts on make-up:Image

  • I want to look like I am awake
  • It helps me to look flawless
  • I am taken more seriously
  • I feel put together
  • I look better in pictures
  • It puts my whole outfit together
  • I am attractive
  • It is fun to put on
  • I want to look fabulous, well damn I am fabulous
  • I feel more glamorous

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” ― Gwyneth Paltrow

Men’s thoughts on Make-up 


  • I like the way you look, but who are you underneath it all
  • She has low self-esteem
  • I do not want that lipstick on my lips
  • Lipsticks taste nasty
  • I do not like gobs of make-up
  • I do not want it on my sheets
  • She is not marriage material
  • I do not take her seriously
  • I prefer a more natural look
  • I do not like smokey eyes, it is scary
  • She is unapproachable because it is too much

“Naturally beautiful, there’s nothing in the world like it. I think a woman’s makeup should only accentuate her natural features. Too much makeup tends to take away from her appearance as opposed to adding to it. Less can be good.” – Dr. Rondrick Williamson, 38, Podiatrist  from Shape Magazine

A man told me on day that “I do not want to start dating a woman under false pretense. I do not want to go home with her  then I see that she is removing the contacts from her eyes, removing her wig, removing her make-up and then I have to say, what is your name again?” The relationship is over at this point because I do not know the true you on the outside, therefore, I am questioning your integrity on the inside.


The real issue is that women like to look flawless and men like to see flawless skin on women “the girl next door” however, no one wants someone to be a phony, showing your true self is important for someone to truly get to know you.

  • A touch of make-up helps you to look smart, alert and ready to attack the day.
  • At night, a brighter shades of lipstick symbolizes fun and excitement.
  • Too much is just too much!
  • If you look at the mirror and you do not recognize the person on the other end (it’s too much)
  • You are not getting approached and you are very glamorous then, maybe it is too much.
  • If you look at the mirror and realize there is something missing, and you say to yourself , “I am looking a little bit, drab and sad”. Then get a little touch up (light make-up) to help wake you up.
  • It is good to look fresh by simply putting on a little pick me up lipstick before leaving the house.
  • As we get older we want to still look attractive and a little make-up, eye brows tint, natural lash extension, and lip stains can help us do an everyday natural but upbeat look.
  • Oh, by the way, men! No make-up is not realistic in some cases. We loose our eye lashes, eye brow hairs, and we get age spots. Just like you loose hair, we do to! Therefore, we have weaves to help us look normal and everything else to normalize our look. So please do not give women grief when they want to look good, I know you just don’t want your woman looking like a night walker (LOL). She won’t!

“It is easy to buy make-up, but beauty comes out with passion .”
― Timna Un-Cut


3 thoughts on “Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting. I am happy that your congregation is so beautiful. I do wonder how the women actually see themselves in the mirror. This is your opinion of the women and I am pleased that you feel this way. I hope they feel the same. However, you will be surprised how many women feel like they need a little something to take away the wrinkles or dark circles under their eyes. They may not say it, but they feel it. I know first hand on how many of those women feel or have felt, but because of their religious obligations they are not flexible to look into the cosmetic stores for help. I am not an advocate of gaudy, I am an advocate of natural beauty with a little oomph.:)

  1. It is without a doubt that many women feel the need to wear make-up to “Look” beautiful. I do not wear make-up at all. Only on the most special occasions. I personally feel that it will let my skin look old, which contradicts what most women use it for. My personal opinion of women that I see wear make-up 24/7, reflects having a low self-esteem. Seriously, in today’s society women are not celebrated for their true selves. Its all an illusion, of what you can become. I know when i started to see people put weave on their eyes I was so through. At the end of the day no make-up in world can hide your emotional scars. Everyone can see them. Trust me!

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