The Untold Love Affair

What would you do, if you found out, that one of your parents was unfaithful or that your spouse was in love with someone else after their death?

From the beginning of time, stories have been told about secret love affairs. However, people still choose not to talk about it. It is TABOO.  The subject of a love affair releases unexplained emotions for different people. Many have been hurt by the situation or are actually involved in this triangular web of seduction, lies and betrayal. We all know someone who has been in this situation and we all have our opinion on the topic.

ImageDid you see the movie “The Bridges of Madison County”? The movie tells a story about an unexpected four day love affair between two strangers. One married living in a small town, the other passing through asking for directions. After the four day love affair, the woman became consumed with the feelings that she had for this man. She wrote three journals that her children found after her death. They had to make a decision whether to follow their mother’s wishes to be buried with her lover or with their father.

Below, I wrote two true stories about old love affairs.

The Old Player

Long time ago, I met a old man, by the name of Tom, who told me that he married his long time lover after her husband unexpectedly left her for a younger woman.  They met 40 years ago in college, they had a romance that lasted through kids, his 2 divorces and other lovers. He was never satisfied with any woman. He was actually unfaithful to all women that he met or married. His heart was with his college sweetheart. He wanted desperately to be with her (Joan), but she was taken by someone else. 40 years later Joan’s husband decided to go online, bored and retired. He started chatting with a person and he became emotional detached from his wife and attached to the person on the other side of the screen. The couple drifted apart. Joan and her husband decided to divorce. Tom was waiting and seized the chance to finally be open with their relationship. After 40 years of their secret affair Tom married Joan.  Tom told me that he was at peace, he was finally happy. He will now die with the love of his life. Tom vowed to spend the rest his days faithful to this one woman, the woman he was having the longterm love affair.

What emotions do have from this story? Would you call this true love?

The Kept Woman


This story is of Rose, a religious woman in the day and a kept woman a night. Rose was an active member of the church. People saw her has the face of innocence and she was always conservatively dressed. No one knew that she had a “dark-side”. She was the mistress of someone she worked for, her boss.  She was his secretary, Rose worked for John and they became romantically involved. John, was married with kids and knew that he could not break his family apart for his secretary. John felt like himself around Rose. They fell deeply in love and the affair lasted for years. John’s wife even knew about the affair and accepted it. (SCANDAL) Years later, John’s wife became sick with cancer.  Rose waited for her chance. She was like a young girl looking forward for her wedding day. She took out the magazines that she had stashed away for years with her ideal wedding dress.  She knew even though there was sadness, she had joy. The joy that she would finally marry the man, she had a lifetime affair with. They were married one year after the death of his wife. Rose’s marriage to John lasted for 15 years before his death.

You may wonder!  Was his kids upset? Why would she wait all those years as seconds?

These are questions, that only she can answer.

ImageAre these people right or wrong? Hmmmmm..

People walk around with thoughts, feelings, secrets of untold love stories until their death bed. Stories that we consider betrayal and down right F..Up. Things happen without our control or do they? We choose our path whether right or wrong.


How hard are you fighting to be with the right person? Are you wasting your years on being with the wrong person? hmmmmm…


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