What Does a Kiss Mean To You?

When I was six I had my first kiss. It happened in the closet of my first grade class. I still remember the little boy’s name that kissed me “Jermaine”. It was magical and exciting. Now that I am an adult, I wonder what does a kiss mean to people. Is it still magical, or is it something that we do without thinking?


When we think of people kissing what do we think about?

Wikipedia defines a kiss has the pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object. Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and good luck. In some situations, a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

Definitions throughout the internet:

  • An upper persuasion for a lower invasion.
  • The meeting of two pairs of lips.
  • The acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid.”
  • Contact between the lips of one person and pretty much anything else.
  • To touch someone with your lips because you love them or have some attraction towards them.

In regards to relationships, kissing can be a passionate moment between two people. Kissing can also show emotions of an individual. It can show if someone is dissatisfied, confident, has low-self-esteem, overly aggressive, weak, sensual, giving, vulnerable, respectful and loving. When this is omitted from one’s relationship you wonder “are we truly emotionally compatible?”

Paid escorts do not kiss their patrons because they know this is a sign of an emotional connection. When two lips touch we are connected. However, sex is not deemed as an emotional connection for paid escorts. Hmmmm… Fascinating….Therefore, in your relationship, a kiss is important to bond one to another.

Have you ever had a kiss gone wrong? Did you continue dating this person?


A kiss has gone wrong! Did he just open mouth kiss her, when she was looking for a soft, but fun kiss?

A quick note of kisses gone wrong!

  • Kissing someone like you want to swallow their face.
  • Kissing when you are anxious, it becomes awkward and displeasing.
  • Kissing and the persons face is WET.
  • Kissing when the person is NOT READY.
  • Kissing someone with your tongue out expecting someone to suck it! Now, if that is your thing then own it (LOL). In my option, that is just nasty!
  • Kissing with your eyes open! This is not intimate at all! What are you looking at?
  • Kissing with bad breath (enough said) BRUSH YOUR TONGUE!
  • Last but not least TOO MUCH TONGUE

Why having the right kiss truly is important:

  • People say a kiss will help to define how your emotional and physical relationship will develop.
  • People remember their first kiss and the best kiss they ever had.
  • Kissing requires practice, effort, and patience on one’s part.
  • Kissing represents many different things to people, so the right kiss can allow you to establish a quick connection.
  • A long steamy kiss can be the entry to the next step of your intimate act.
  • A bad kisser can turn the temperature way down! It may turn a person off, a connection may never develop after this bad experience.


ImageKissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection in which the sensations of touch, taste, and smell are involved. If kissing is not passionate, how can passion truly exist? Hmmmm…

10 Reasons why it is good, to add kissing in your relationship: 

  1. Kissing strengthens your relationship it adds passion and intimacy, it keeps it hot and spicy.
  2. Kissing promotes pleasure.
  3. Kissing provides privacy, mystic – people tend to move to a closed hidden place to kiss.
  4. Kissing improves your mood.
  5. Kissing can be far deeper and longer than sex.
  6. Kissing, in general, has stress-reducing effects…
  7. Kissing gives relief of tension in the relationship.
  8. Kissing is an exciting excursion into the world of sensuality (love-making).
  9. Kissing helps your children know that you are real people and that you love each other.Image
  10. In the World of Disney “A true lovers kiss will break the evil witches spell” Everyone wants a Disney Romance (smile)


So enjoy an intimate, sensual kiss with your lover and touch his or her soul with the art of kissing!

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