Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?

This is a funny, touchy but interesting subject. I have thought about this subject for some time now and honestly I am glad that I researched it. Here is my story about make-up: When I was a teen, my parents adopted a religion that denounced MAKE-UP on women. As a teen, I sometimes wondered, ”… Continue reading Make-up or No Make-up? What do guys really like?

The Untold Love Affair

What would you do, if you found out, that one of your parents was unfaithful or that your spouse was in love with someone else after their death? From the beginning of time, stories have been told about secret love affairs. However, people still choose not to talk about it. It is TABOO. ┬áThe subject… Continue reading The Untold Love Affair

What do you think is SEXY?

When you think about sexiness what comes to your mind? It was not that long ago, when I forgot what sexy meant to me. When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt sexy. I was sexy even with the added “lovable” 50 lbs I had gained. YES, I was a sexy pregnant woman.… Continue reading What do you think is SEXY?

What Does a Kiss Mean To You?

When I was six I had my first kiss. It happened in the closet of my first grade class. I still remember the little boy’s name that kissed me “Jermaine”. It was magical and exciting. Now that I am an adult, I wonder what does a kiss mean to people. Is it still magical, or… Continue reading What Does a Kiss Mean To You?