Why Do Stay at Home Moms “SAHM” Go Back to Work? pt. 1

Your mind starts to wonder after being a SAHM for several years, especially if you have a Bachelors Degree or higher. You start to think about the pros and cons of being at home and you wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.

People may say, “you have a great life, you can do as you please!” Well, please read below! BEWARE THIS INFORMATION MAY STRESS THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE CURRENTLY PREGANT AND THINKING ABOUT STAYING AT HOME (laughing)…No really…There are pros and cons within the stages of being a Stay at Home Mom.


The early years of being an “Educated Professional” and now SAHM 


  • Time has LASPED and you wonder where did the time go! WHO AM I?
  • There is NO PAY RAISE or BONUS  for your hard work.
  • All you do is TALK, WALK and THINK about the baby.
  • You realize that the baby is taking all of your time and energy (all the time)!
  • You look like crap at all times because you are tired and feel like crap.
  • You eat and breathe the baby.
  • When you think you have a break, you don’t!
  • You love the baby so much, but you hate your man because he thinks that you do nothing.
  • You think about you life and how it has reduced to nursing, feeding, changing diapers, washing clothes and cleaning.
  • You loose brain cells (your intelligence is thrown out of the window).
  • Don’t forget, most SAHM will try to nurse and if you succeed your breast will deflate and die.


  • You are happy to be present when the baby makes or passes its first milestones.
  • You have educated yourself on everything baby.
  • You spend like crazy and you are happy to do it for someone other than yourself.
  • You nurse or bottle feed your baby and you enjoy the moment.
  • You make new life long mommy friends from mommy associations and playgroups.
  • You attend play dates and have coffee or tea or wine; while your kid crawls around and destroys someone else’s house!
  • You learn how to sing, cook, bake and be crafty (haaa..haaa).
  • You are completely relaxed in knowing that you do not have to wake up to go to a job when you had a horrible night sleep.
  • You find new ways of utilizing your professional expertise.
  • You reinvent yourself as a mommy expert.


When you child attends school and you are still an “Educated Professional” now a SAHM 


  • Your partner thinks that you do nothing all day, therefore you shouldn’t be tired to have sex at night or in the morning or anytime of the day (haaa…haaa) I know you guys like this one!
  • You feel the lack of accomplishment because your education is not being used (but it is).
  • You are expected to clean, cook and serve everyone because you are not working and the kids are at school!
  • Most of your morning is spent running errands (things you just decided to add on your plate).
  • You can’t leave your child at an aftercare program because you are viewed by others has a lazy parent.
  • Aftercare programs at schools are a NO, NO because it is for working parents, but you still need it and want it!
  • You feel the need to volunteer at school and other places (this can also fall under a pro).
  • Your kids are in a million activities to keep them busy after school.
  • Your new job title is “Taxi Driver, Secretary or Housekeeper”


  • You are present when your child is sick or in need without the stress of calling in sick at a job.
  • You are at your spouses sexual disposal (NOT) (haaa… haaa) YES, all men wish this (laughing).
  • You can volunteer at the school and be involved with you child without any stress or time pressure.
  • You are loved  by other parents because you are able to help when needed with their children.
  • You run errands for yourself and others when needed durning down times.
  • You can have your children in extracurricular activities even if it means to drive across town to have the best.
  • You can join or be in your desired extracurricular activities while your child is in school.
  • Your children may come home to a hot meal on the stove.
  • You have gained time management with your household duties and overall functions of the home.
  • You have a feeling of accomplishment with children and family.



All the above things are fine and dandy, however the bottom line is that we all want a feeling of accomplishment. Most women want to have their own income.  Therefore, we feel the need to transition back to work (hopefully not full-time). Many women return back to work as part-time workers, work from home or become small business owners. I believe you can still have the benefits of a being a SAHM with the added benefits of being a  working professional. The idea is to balance your life and not to beat yourself up for the choices you make.

Your kids will SURVIVE!



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