“Being Mary Jane”, “Scandal”, “Housewives…” Why are we so hooked?

Image The naked truth is, that we all want to be loved and have love!!!!

I was thinking about women and the current shows on TV “Scandal”, “Being Mary Jane”, “Housewives…” and other series such as “Sex and the City” portraying educated professional women in steamy, controversial situations. Why are we portrayed so desperate? Why do we run to the TV to see the new episode of cheating, lying, and cunning behavior. Is this your guilty pleasure? I am guilty! I wait  and anticipate their next move. It is exciting and salacious and we want more and more.

Are single women really desperate?Image

Are women settling for less and making mistakes about love and relationships?

Well, this was my observation the other night:

Mr. Swiss and I were at a restaurant and we decided to watch the behaviors of single women and men. This was truly fascinating for a married couple not in the dating scene. While we were observing our surroundings we notice three professional women in their late 30’s “hunting”. Yes, they were on the prowl. I truly know, understand the word COUGAR.

The reason I said that they were on the hunt, is because when Mr. Swiss went to grab a seat on a lounge couch, one of the ladies immediately rushed over and acted as if she needed to make a phone call. She asked Mr. Swiss,”Oh, is this seat taken?, I need to make a quick call”. My husband said, “No, there is enough room, just be aware that my wife is coming. But you can have a seat to make your call.”

Just to let you guys know, her seat was literally across from the place where we were going to be sitting. I think she just needed some attention from Mr. Swiss…My smooth operator (smile).

She was divorced, thin and “plastic surgery was her youth serum”.


Her friends were fun, but not desperate. They talked with different men and of course drinks were bought by drooling men who were NOT in their league. A bit later in the night, the situation got even more interesting. There were 3 guys sitting at the lounge table next to the single ladies. The same woman, who tried to approach Mr. Swiss, (let’s call her “Teri”) scooted her chair over to the guys and started flirting.  We continued to watch, and wondered what will transcribe. Next “Teri” gave the ‘ok’ for her friends, to scoot themselves over and move their table close to the three men. This was a strategic play by “Teri”.”Teri” must have thought they finally have some viable candidates. Conversations starts to flow and now, the guys then buy the ladies drinks (of course)! “Teri”, is laughing out loud, throwing her arms around the guys, tossing her long black hair from side to side and bending over so her low-cut dress can wiggle open. We sat there and were looking at “Teri” wondering “REALLY” is it that serious.  Meanwhile “Teri’s” friend (let´s call her Kathy), began to speak in an intellectual manner to one of the guys, then “Terri” screams at Kathy, “he does not want to hear all of that!, you are talking to much!, you are boring him!” Actually, I thought, Kathy is the SEXIEST, and SMARTEST one out of the bunch.


Why should women dumb themselves down to get a guy? Hmmm… I wondered, did “Teri” think her desperate ways was better than her friend Kathy, who just wanted to have a meaningful conversation?

When I see scenarios like this, I wonder are we really that desperate?


I think about the women portrayed on “Scandal” and “Being Mary Jane” and say, it is not about desperation, it is about the situation at hand. These women on the TV series, which we love and adore, fell in love with men that are taken. Is it their fault or is it the man’s fault for stepping out on his wife and dealing with a woman who is open and looking for love?

This conversation will continue…

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