How Did Stella Get Her Groove Back???? Part 2

Single Ladies 

Eyes on The Prize
Eyes on The Prize

You might be a single lady that fell into a trap and you are looking to get your groove back.

You notice that you are lonely, you are  in a rut,  you feel and look frumpy, you have given up and you are accepting less (professionally or in your relationships).

You may ask yourself:

  • Why am I not dating?
  • Why am I dating all the time and unable to find the perfect mate?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Have I missed the opportunity?
  • Am I too desperate?
  • Am I too picky?
  • How do I feel sexy, after several breakups and heart aches?
  • How do I regain my confidence?
  • Am I ready to move forward?

Getting your groove back as a single person is understanding and owning the knowledge that you are beautiful!

Here are “Timna’s 10 Steps in Getting your Groove Back”:

Step 1) Identify the things in your life that are important to you. Make a list and check it twice!! (Job, family, friendship, faith/religion, money, education etc.)

Step 2) Rank your list focusing on your new outlook on life.

Step 3) Take Risks – Step out of your comfort zone. “Dare to Dare” Try something new! (Talk to a person you have never talk to before, whether at work or in your private life)

Step 4) Create an environment that is uplifting. Remove yourself from those friends that are pulling you down until you have regrouped. “Not every friend is the right friend for you at all times.” Use to find to outlets.

Step 5) Broaden your circle of friends.

Step 6) Be approachable – Breakdown your barriers (professional or in your personal life) Let It GO! Life is Too Short! You may be surprise, what is around the corner.

Step 7) If you are unsatisfied with your overall sex appeal and look: CHANGE IT!! YOU ARE UNSATISFIED!! WAKE UP!! There are too many clothing lines on the market for all shapes and sizes…e.g.,

Ask a sales person to help you to look your best! If you are happy with your body structure, then step out and OWN IT GIRL!

Step 8) If you have unwanted weight, STOP EATING CRAP, fight your food addiction, there are programs out there that can help you. However, the reality is there are people out there that love you exactly the way you are.

START LOVING YOURSELF, before you try to change yourself. Know who you want to be.

Step 9) Buy new bras and panties!!! Look at yourself in the mirror, love what you see, feel sexy under your clothes as well!!

Step 10) Act like a lady, be soft and sensual, but think like a woman, understanding what you need to move forward.

Being sexy means to empower oneself.


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