How did Stella Get Her Groove Back???? Pt. 1 of 2

Many of us become depressed or  look for away out!  “How did Stella get her groove back?” is a legitimate question for many women (married, single or divorced)…


Married w/ Kids

After having kids, you experience weight gain, tiredness plus aging. You say to yourself, “How did I get to this point?” No make-up, sweats/ lounge wear, work clothes that is not flattering to my new body shape, frumpy, a lack of sex appeal and so on… Who am I? Why don’t I feel sexy and why do I need to service my mate when I am tired, frustrated, overworked and feeling underpaid?

Timna’s 10 Steps to Getting your Groove Back:

If you asked yourself these questions, then you are half way there! You noticed that something is wrong, but now you want to change

Step 1 – Take a day for yourself  (meaning no kids, no spouse, no work) Stay in a hotel for a night or the weekend depending on your budget… Regroup!!!!

Step 2- Write down the things you most desire to do in your life outside of the kids and family (Be a bit selfish… don’t deny your desires)

Step 3 – Look in the mirror and enjoy what you see! (Do this on a regular bases; practice, practice, practice…)

Step 4- Throw all your frumpy clothes OUT! (If there are stains and the outfit does not compliment your body, Bye, Bye)

Step 5- Think Like a Queen! (Powerful, leader, accomplished and so on…)

Step 6- Go to a make-up counter and treat your face for free!!!! If you like the products, then buy the cheaper version (laughing) until you can afford the more expensive brand. Plus try a lipstick color that gives your face a pop!

Step 7- Forget about what the kids need!!!Buy 5 New Outfits FOR YOURSELF (one nice sexy jean, a dress that fits you like a glove, a skirt and several shirts). Buy a pair of shoes that makes your legs look HOT! You are putting yourself first for 1 day!

Step 8 – Walk with confidence! (I look good and I feel good)!!!! Like a Drag Queen!!! (laughing) Practice your walk and then laugh at yourself… Now you can move forward!! As my mom would say: Put a book on your head and walk tall with out dropping it! Back straight, long strides that says… “I am a Woman, Hear me ROAR!”

Step 9- Get a Babysitter! Surprise your spouse with a Date Night!  Take charge of what you want in your relationship!!

Step 10- The more Confident you feel, the more sexier you become! “Practice Loving Yourself” and things will change…

If this does not work, try steps 1 to 10 again… STAY POSITIVE


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