Anticipated Answers Re: The Swirl & Feedback Re: Tamara’s Video

We receive funny, not well thought through Questions or Comments from random people. Most Comments or Question are handled with a smile. Our job is to Educate the Ignorant or Unaware of the Swirl.
Here are the Answers….
      • Yes, I married A Swiss
      • No, I did not marry him for Money
      • No, He did not marry me because he is Freaky
      • No, He did not need a Green Card
      • Yes, I am Attracted to Him
      • Yes, He actually Likes White, Asian, Latinas, Black Women, etc…
      • Yes, I actually Like Black, Asian, Latino, European Men, etc…
      • Yes, We have a lot in Common
      • Yes, We are Lucky to have Found Each Other
      • No, I do not know how to Sing
      • Yes, I am a OK Dancer
      • No, I was not a Mail Order Bride
      • No, I was not an Escort
      • Yes, I am a Educated Black Woman
      • No, I do not sound “White”, I am a BROOKLYN Girl
      • No, He does not only listen to Hip Hop and R&B
      • Yes, I love Hip Hop and R &B
      • No, He does not Like Country Music
      • Yes, We are a very Relaxed Couple
      • Yes,  He is relaxed in an ALL Black Establishment  (Church, Clubs, Going to Brooklyn etc…)
      • Yes, I am relaxed if I am in an ALL White Establishment (Restaurants, Bar or Simple Being in Europe)
      • Yes, We LOVE each other Not because of the color of our skin but, “Just for Who We Are”!!!

However, in this Video Shown Below, there are still Crazy People Out There making Silly Comments.

I Believe that the Majority of People embrace the difference of the Swirl and there is NO Backlash… Tamara is a Celebrity so she will get more comments via Social Media or Out in Public. The Vast Majority of People will not make a comment and just Simply Stare. Whether the Staring is Polite or Not we do Not allow it to Affect Our Vibe.


2 thoughts on “Anticipated Answers Re: The Swirl & Feedback Re: Tamara’s Video

  1. He Timna, unfortunately the video is not available in Germany. But I can guess… So what was your catalog number :-))))))))))))))))). The best and unique ones are always sold out.

  2. For sure you both are an absolut normal lovley couple😄 and I’m wondering about the crazy People who have had the questions that you answerd.
    And I’m always wondering about People who have nothing more to do than to think about other people

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