Did You Call Me a Swirler???


Yes, I am a Swirler… What is a Swirler???   A person dating, married or having an intimate Relationship with someone of a different Hue (Ethnicity). We are Chocolate and Vanilla, our children are Milk Chocolate. We love our flavor, “The Swirl”. We are the 15% of the population. The ones that decided to break the stereo-type of sticking with your own.

Many People ask the question…

What is it like to be in this type of relationship?
Do you have any problems from the outside world?
Do you get any backlash from the public?

Well to Answer this question with a quick and concise response: If you look for negativity you will get negativity!

We have been positive.

ALL Relationships are not the same in the Swirler World, but ONE thing is for sure; we all stepped out of our comfort Zone in some shape or form to explore a relationship with a different view.

Therefore, STEP OUT and see what happens in the World of Swirlers.

Let's Talk For Real 2

Thank you for reading. My blogs are written creatively so that you can see yourself in my message. It may or may not be about me. Again… it’s a thought or conversation that I have with everyday people.

Stay Bold, Be Blessed, Stay in your Truth!

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3 thoughts on “Did You Call Me a Swirler???

  1. Great job. Love your blog.

    This is just food for thought but here I go. When we say something like “The ones that decided to break the stero-type of sticking with your own”, doesn’t that betray an underlying belief that we’re indeed defined by race? Meaning that “your own” implies that the color of your skin defines who your own people are. Isn’t that a racist proposition itself?

    Mind you, I’ve used that expression sometimes and I always wonder if other people see it that way too.

    Keep it up and good luck!

    1. Hmmm… Good question! Is it racist? No… People relate to complexion as a symbolism of identifying with a group. This is not racist this is human behavior. People are comfortable with what they know or what they feel comfortable with… For example my two daughters started a new school and needed to make friends, one of my daughter’s who was in Kindergarten made friends with four girls who were light brown like herself… This interesting to me and I asked the teacher and she said all of these kids are from different culture backgrounds and kids automatically assimilate with what they see and know (people that look like themselves) hmmm… I thought… So I asked my kindergartener “what made you choose your friends” and she said,”they’re like my sisters” interesting I thought. So is this racist or just plan human nature? My other daughter’s best friend is of also mixed culture and again she said “we have the same hair so we can talk about this” hmmm.. Again I thought interesting…. By the way, this is a very diverse school with many nationalities and they initially choose to be friends with people that represented themselves. Just a thought….

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