Yessss, You Can Say IT…..

“Mr. Swiss”, told me that my blogs were a bit SAFE.  I was not “Un-Cut…”

Well here is something Not Soooo Politically Correct

Recently, I was sitting with a group of moms watching our daughters’ at a sport event and a mother that I just met asked me a question, “Is the New Girl going to join us in the upcoming competition?” I was unsure which child was NEW, since my daughter also, just started with the group.

Now it gets FUNNY….

The Conversation Continues with her saying “The little Girl is over there!” I said “Which little Girl?” Then she said,  “The one over there with the group.” Then, I said “Which One, What is She Wearing?” Then she said, “The one behind the Coach”, Then I said “There are 2 Girls over There, Which one?”… She then said “The one Standing in front of the Girl in the Purple”. Then I said, “Ooooh, the Black Girl!”. Then she was embarrassed and said “Yes”…


I Thought To Myself:  Just say THAT in the Beginning!!!!! WTF… Yesssss, You Can Say IT! THE BLACK, African – American, LATINA, ASIAN, WHITE etc….  Yesssss, You are allowed to describe someone… IT IS OK…

Side Note: It is Okay to Be Racially Sensitive; however, it is NOT Okay to be SOOOO RIDICULOUS…!!!!

Well… the other night when researching the new cast member of SNL,  Sasheer Zamata, I came across the skit below which was on her website.

This is exactly What Happened to me…


4 thoughts on “Yessss, You Can Say IT…..

  1. Well, this is so funny. Here in Germany, I talked to a mother on my way to pick up the kids from kindergarten. She told me about her stuff she prepared for her kid’s birthday party. Besides other stuff she bought chocolate -coated marshmallows. She used the old-fashion term “negro-kiss”. I’m used to this word, since I use it by self. I even grew up with this word in East Germany. So I didn’t care, and everything was fine with me. Later when I got home the mother called me. She said that she was so sorry using the “word”, and that she didn’t know how to make it up to me. Well, I didn’t realize that something in our conversation was wrong until she phoned me. She was almost crying and feeling so bad. I said that there is no problem with me, and we’re good. But until today, she’s still so devoted to me … and what the heck I use it!!! Black means beauty and power!!

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